Monthly Archive for March, 2012

Double Update! A Minister and a Mask

I’ve finished the Ancient Minister (for now at least), and I’ve also got something I’ve wanted to do since the days of vertex hacking in this update too.
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Piano Room (Problem Sleuth)

It appears to be a storage room for various instruments. Mysteriously, most of the instruments have been plundered from the room. Hung on the wall are portraits of some legendary jazz musicians. You regard them with awe.

Loud swing music and lively footsteps are heard from the room above.

Download: BrawlVault or direct from Mediafire

Contact me (via PM on KC:MM or Smashboards) if you want to edit the stage, because you’ll want the original models before I used Mewtwo2000’s Block Tool on them.
Also, if you could send me an MDL0 of a grand piano, that would be nice.

Stage preview

The Piano Room

(Ignore the block in the middle.)

Online .rel converter

BSMC uses Java to convert .rel files on the fly and send them to your browser. It’s now up at Now you won’t need to use the Stage Switcher application or find a Mediafire link for the original .rels.

Klonoa: Empire of Dreams 2D stages

I figured I’d do stages from this game, because it’s so easy to rip the sprites I need. I also put in the border from the Game Boy Player and adjusted the camera so there’s no tilt. It works great in Fixed Camera Mode (see the Ghazzaland video.)
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