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Melee Revamp 2: donkey king

donkey king

Next’ll probably be Green Greens or Big Blue. Or maybe not, whatever I feel like at the moment really.

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The one winged angel…

White hair flowing in the wind…sunken green eyes, surveying the world that will fall…

Black trenchcoat rustling softly…his hand resting softly on the handle of the legendary Masamune…

Has the Final Fantasy seen a villain greater than Sephiroth?

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Wow, Melee sure had sum A+ graphics!!

This was sort of an experimental hack, done while I was playing around with Brawlbox. A lot of the textures were given higher resolution, and the lighting is taken from Delfino.  There were, like, supposed to be bigger cars.  But when I put it in game, it only caused glitches.

Confused? This is a texture revamp of Onett.

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Update finally got its act together!

Three legendary golems: Regirock, Regice, and Registeel. When the three are gathered in a forgotten ancient temple, what was thought to be a statue stirs, awakened once again. It rises, slowly stumbling at first, with its feet covered in moss from centuries of inactivity. But eventually, it gains momentum, becoming an unstoppable power-house. The collossal pokemon: Regigigas.

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A Legendary Monster

In the fifth Starfy game (In the states, The Legendary Starfy, first game from the series to come here), Starfy can team up with an alien named Bunston to transform into a variety of things. The first transformation you receive is a cute and cuddly fire-breathing dragon, with Starfy’s face nestled safely in its belly. Here it is (minus the cute and cuddly), the power-up known as Monstar!

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We make comics and get in fights

*sigh* Alright, alright, I lied. This is the last one, I promise!

Here’s the most badass, manly, strong and muscular CEO from Down Under, Saxton Hale! In full color!

(Hey there, Robin Walker *wink*)

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The crossover finishes.

Meanwhile, in an alternate universe…

Mario and Sonic.

Fanboys clamor for a crossover game, claiming that it’d be the best game in the history of evarrr. And so, Nintendo and Sega shook hands, and the process begun.

Mario and Sonic stared in awe at the monstrous machine before them. It was called the “Crossover…er”, and it was the latest of technologies, made from the collaborative minds of Nintendo and Sega.

Mario and Sonic stepped nervously into their pods, ready to begin the “crossover.” The machine sprung to life, a horrible noise filling the air. At that moment, a Nintendo intern by the name of Waluigi hit a wrong switch.

The Crossover-er exploded. As the smoke cleared, a lone figure stumbled out of the wreckage…a horrible, deformed creature…

The Maronic was born.

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Credits: Neon, Vile, Pharrox I think (did he make tplx?)

Coming Soon

That’s a nice right arm ya got there…

Step one: Play the Capcom game God Hand for PlayStation 2.
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New Super Mario Bros Wii

Progress: Arcs contain MDL0s, TEX0s, and BRRES’s. If anyone wants to help get those files out of the arcs, get tgas out, and re-insert everything, that’d be great. 😀

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