The poor robot that everyone forgot about…

And so, Santadorf sat little Roy upon his knee.
“What do you want for Christmas, little Roy?” the terrible saint asked, his eyes sparkling with evil.
“For Christmas, I want a R.O.B. costume!” replied the lad with the crimson hair, his eyes big with wonder, joy, and fire.
“…a R.O.B. costume? But no one asks for those!” said the confused Claus, raising one white eyebrow.
“I know…but I heard that if I get a R.O.B. costume, he’ll bring a friend in another update!” the boy said excitedly. Santadorf shrugged.
“Eh, whatever floats your boat.” the festive fiend said with a sigh, and he PAAAAAAAUNCHED the following costume into existence.

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