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The perfect plan

Once upon a time, Capcom was like “yo we’re gonna make this cool game for the Nintendo about a robot.” So they made the game, it was cool. They made music for it, that was cool. But when it came time to sell it, they forgot something…

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Another plea for help? What can I say…

I have another request for a basic model change I don’t know how to do. Since the time I needed Ike’s sword removed to create Gene, I have learned how to remove things like swords and stuff (that’s why I didn’t credit anybody when I removed Toon Link’s belt buckle and sheath for Boy and Blob, and Sheik’s knife when I made Giant–I’m not a jerk, I removed those myself)… but this is a more difficult one.

I need the heads of the Ice Climbers’ hammers removed. Only the heads. I want the handles still there, so they’d look like they were just swinging sticks around as weapons. I won’t say what I want this for, but…
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*Cough hack wheeze*

Well, I made a Witch and I made a Boomer, so why not a Smoker? In the comments on Pako’s survivors I saw a couple of requests for a Smoker Yoshi, so, you want a Smoker Yoshi do you? Well…
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Soon, I’ll control everything… my wish is your comma-

STAND back everyone, nothin’ here to see!

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The answer lies in the heart of battle…

A martial arts master, trained by the legendary Sheng Long Gouken, best friend of Ken, rival of Sagat, and the target of the mighty Akuma…

With his powerful Hadouken, Shoryuken, and Tatsumaki Senpukyaku techniques, he can take on all who challenge him.

The mighty lone wolf of martial arts, it’s…

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Theme updated.

I’ve finally updated the theme fixing the “WTF ARE THE PAGE BAR DO IN BOTTOM INSTEAD OF TOP!” among other things.
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Just a Ness recolor


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Luigi enters the ExciteBike World Championship

He’s a SPEED DEMON, babeh.

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The fabled dance.

There was once a tale told by a sole man, his name was Androu1. He told stories of a myterious and powerful dance, “The PZT Fap Dance”. It was foretold who ever performs this dance get “Supah Fap Powahz” and it is said that the only person who has ever successfully performed this dance was a mystic fap sage, who goes by the name of “PZT”. Continue reading ‘The fabled dance.’


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