Wow, what is this madness? More retro?!

From the very fucking awesome and retro lands of the original Final Fantasy games come today’s costumes. They are here to kick ass and take–*shot*


Anyway, Bird Person brings up 2 of his most awesome works. One of them has very loose hands and the other is unmatched with weapons, even tho he seems to prefer using his own hands.

I (Androu1) bring a offensive magic user, because you NEED HIM IN UR PARTY LIEK RITE NAO OR U SUX!! *shot*

Anyway, anyway…pics.

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  • Those are very cool!! Even though I only know who one of them is.

  • isnt that the dark mage from EE?

  • Haha, I guess each team will have their own Black Mage!

    Awesome work.

  • The Thief, Red, and Black. A trio of Lucas textures straight from the original Final Fantasy game! This is how it should be: indiscrimination (equalness, in a way) between ALL the games. I’m sure you’ve got a couple FFVII textures in the works, but at least those aren’t the only FF-based ones you’ve done. Not to mention you’ve gone into overdrive today! A retro boss, Red XIII, and these three! I’m not sure if you’ll take a break because of this, but if you must, then so be it. Either way, keep it up, guys!

  • the ice climbers as the black & white mages was better.

  • @hypersonic65-
    yeah, black mage. That red lucas reminds me of that game called Gun Superstar Heroes (I think that’s what it’s called :/) and the guy was named Red (what an original name)

  • @BigSharkZ: You do realize “EE’s” Ice Mages were made by us and are our property right? More like we made Black Mage twice dodo.

  • Bonus Note: I made an error with my post. I forgot to add Paper Mario to the mix! The bulk of my post still stands, though.

  • We won’t be taking a break. We have a month’s work of textures completed right now if we upped one a day. A rough estimate. We most likely have more.

  • Wow. Having so many members is definitely paying off.

  • @PZT: Did you put up that thingamabob that is making us all lose the game? Or if not, who? More importantly, where the heck did Warchamp7 go? He hasn’t said anything for quite a while.

  • Well, I can’t say I think Black Mage is that good of an idea. He needs a hood, so really, only the IC work for him. The hack is good though.

    The others? Cool!

  • Now you just need Fighter for the full 8 Bit Theater party. Ike, maybe?

  • I like ’em. …though I can’t say much since I haven’t played any Final Fantasy. Ever. ^^;

    …*is about to say something about ]EE[*I do li-*shot*

  • To those who think the second there is Red Mage: Doip! It’s Fighter! From Final Fantasy I! The BEST Final Fantasy!

    Cahse: Actually, Black Mages don’t have hoods. They have yellow wizards’ hats, and really high collars. Maybe they’re Elvis fans. But I’d agree that the Ice Mages were really cool–when I made Fighter and Thief, I had it in mind that they’d all be the same height.

    ToastyBob: Warchamp hung himself after ]EE[ was closed. No kiddin’.

  • Ooh, you’re right. I meant hats. I was thinking of the Climbers though. Well, they work best on a character with something over their head.

    Also, Androu, a brief suggestion: Make the Mage’s hair lighter- the Black Mages’ hats are lighter yellow.

  • His hair is meant to be a hat? Remove the hair texture then! X-D

  • Warchamp hung himself? How come I hear of it now instead of earlier..?

  • I don’t know why people are starting on these at all! They’re amazing! BirdPerson, you’ve done yourself proud.

    I was just about to complain about the people who thought that it was RedMage, it’s clearly Fighter. And it’s clearly awesome.

    Do the rest!! Make Lucas a Final Fantasy pimp! Get Ness in on the action for some kick ass Ninja-age. ^^


  • not furst!
    these are pretty cool.

  • I dont like this update at all because…..

    1. Ice Mages is better
    2. needs moar 8 bit theater…….WHERE THE F+CK IS MY DAMN SWORD-CHUCKS!!
    3. Ice mages is Better
    4. Black mage+invisible samus=HADOKEN!!!!
    5. Ice Mages is better
    6. Where is…..THE RED MAGE *lensfire on*
    7. Ice Mages is better
    8. 😀

    but anyway good update, i love fighter and thief, but lack of 8 bit theater makes me sad, D=

  • Even IF Ice mages is better, (which in my humble oppinion, it isn’t) Black mage lucas uses thunder, freeze, and fire, making him a bit more like… Oh, Idunno…..

    The actual thing?


  • @Slike373: the smile in the last reason indicates that i was joking, why so serious?????? 😀

    the only real point is, NEEDS MOAR 8 BIT THEATER (Dhragen stabs everybody in the back and then cast a HADOKEN, >:O)

  • Psytrese: NO NINJAS >:[

    Seriously, look at the Thief in any version of FFI and try telling me Bahamut got it right when he made him a stupid Ninja instead of a Pirate. I mean, Ninjas don’t have friends, let alone three.

  • So yeah, any chance of SwordChucks being in the game?

  • It makes sense.

    Thiefs: silent, stealthy…thiefy.

    Ninjas: silenter, stealthier…a ninja.

    Pirates: loud, louder…definitely not a ninja.

    Ninjas > Pirates.

  • Toastybob, I put that in there. Now, LOSE!

    Also, IIRC, the idea of Black Mage Lucas was before the Ice Mages. Not like it matters too much, Black Mages are cool enough (Red Mages are meh >:U). We will put the Ice Mages up on a update as soon as we can. (For those that don’t know, Ice Mages were done by Dhragen, and noone else)

    (Also, Black Mage Lucas > Ice Mages)

    (Only because he can use fire)


  • Cahse, the hair color is perfect, just like I wanted it. My only complain about it would be the face being too light, should’ve made it plain black. I may consider that if I do revamp this, tho

  • yay more lucas 😀

  • @Psytrese.
    *is a stealthy pirate*

  • Warchamp didn’t hang himself, Bird is just joking around. Anyway, seriously, we have no idea where he is.

  • Thief, Red Mage, and Black Mage?

  • FF hacks?

    first you bring Red 13 to the site now this?


  • Oh. I thought one of you would know. He did seem to dissapear the same time as the ]EE[ gang, though.

    *Loses the game*

  • Slike373
    January 22, 2009 at 9:17 am
    Even IF Ice mages is better, (which in my humble oppinion, it isn’t) Black mage lucas uses thunder, freeze, and fire, making him a bit more like… Oh, Idunno…..

    The actual thing?

    ^– Gives me an idea…


    Dunno what to say about this update, ‘cus I never played Finl Fantasy… ^^;


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