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Sonic Advance 3: Toy Kingdom

This is a stage just for having fun. The more you tech,the longer you will survive.

Goes over battlefield with no rel. Goes over Hanenbow with the rel. Continue reading ‘Sonic Advance 3: Toy Kingdom’

BRSTM Converter

At its core, this program is made for making BRSTM files. But it does things that, to my knowledge, no other BRSTM conversion program has done yet. Most importantly, it lets you process many files at once.
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Sonic Advance: X Zone

I did the boss zone from sonic advance 2 sooo I tryed to do the one from sonic advance 1. This stage operates like Bridge of Eldin.
The middle of the stage falls creating a hole equal to the size of the one on the Bridge of Eldin stage. When Eggman passes by the first time that is your signal that it is about to fall. You have about 5 seconds to react. Eggman also flys by when the middle of the stage is about to rise up again,making the stage completely flat again. This is your signal that it will come back and you have about 5 seconds again to react (Incase your under the stage or planking or something like that). This process continues, no matter how long the match is.
Goes over battlefield with no rel and Bridge of Eldin with the rel.

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Super Mario Advance Ghost House

I took full advantage of the 2D models I had

when I was making this stage. All the ghosts are 2D. Theannoying part was getting the textures for them though.
Goes over Luigi’s Mansion with the rel. Goes goes over battlefield without the rel.




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Slight alterations to Mewtwo2000’s Venom

An edit of Mewtwo2000’s Venom stage from over two years ago.
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Sonic Advance 2:XX Zone

The final boss stage from Sonic Advance 2. Goes over green hill zone with the rel. Goes over battlefield without the rel.


V2 is in the same folder under the original. So it has the same download link.

I also posted some new pics so you better understand……or just look at the video….

Download here V1 and

Video here

video here

Teen Titan Destination

I made a stage based off one of Cartoon Networks best

shows. Comes with 2 versions.

Regular FD textured one and a custom Textured FD that i made. It should be wi-fi safe since the spawn points and collisions are exaclty the same. Also comes with the extended Teen Titans mp3 you heard in the video.





Wind Waker’s Creed

Yeah, remade this one using Pik’s outset Toon Link (with hex edits for the sword and sheild.)

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Pokemon B/W N’s Caslte V3

Updated the first stage.
Edited the rug texture
Added Zekrom
Added Rashiram
Various small texture tweeks
Added 2 more pillars
Resized the stage a bit
Comes with 2 versions. (zekrom and Rashiram version)
Goes over Snakes metalgear solid stage with the rel
All 4 stages can go over jungle japes with no rel.

Look at the first picture to see the difference between v2 and v3

PT 1 video:(Rashiram)

PT 1 video: (Zekrom)

PT 2

PT 3


Pokemon Emerald Marine Cave

I did Terra Cave, sooooooo why not Marine Cave lol =))
Comes with 2 versions. A waterfall Version and a non-waterfall version.


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