OTACON!… Fighting makes me emotional.

*Codec Beeps*

Snake: “OTACON!”

Otacon: “What Snake?!”

Snake: “I feel… wheepy.”

Otacon: “Well, whats wrong?”

Snake: “Its just… all this fighting, it makes me feel like crying.”

Otacon: “Cheer up Snake. I think ive got a way to express your emotions better.”

Snake: “Oh really? What?”

Otacon: “Yes, I call it ‘Mood Camofalgue’.”

Snake: “Mood camoflague?”

Otacon: “Yes Snake, it changes as you fight.”

Snake: “Thanks Otacon. This is really something, I’m so touched, I just feel like bursting out into tears.”

Otacon: “Oh please don’t Snake”

Snake: “I like it. I think ill use this often.”

Otacon: “Remember Snake, your mood is influenced by where you fight and who you fight.”

Snake: “Thanks for the intel Otacon.”

*Codec Sign-off Noise”

NOTE: This texture does change mid battle, usually when you hit an enemy, go out of screen, die or randomly. Also, this texture adapts to the last loaded texture at the time, so entering as 1st player, 2nd player and so forth, do actually matter. Note that this doesn’t look so pretty on all character or all stages.

5 Responses to “OTACON!… Fighting makes me emotional.”

  • how do ya do this???
    I wanna make one for toonlink

  • @(Fake)Raganook
    Obviously a fake, }EE{ Fan who just beleives a random rumor he heard somewhere or made the rumor. and if you havn’t already figured out, Stack Smash released }EE{‘s textures in their download section so you should at least be happy they did that. And why would Stack Smash do that if they botherd to release }EE{‘s textures anyways?

    I think you edit the (Character Name)Spy.pac in the ISO file

  • oh

    and sry for that last triple post

    school server sux

  • Lol looks cool, I don’t think I’ll use it since that can’t be used in tourneys. xD

  • Y’know, I think I had a dream I was playing this costume once…

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