Neon, that guy everyone hates, here to fuck up your Stack Smash. You definately know me from ESH, and if you don’t THAN FUCK OFF! Now enjoy my shit.

I start with this texture, The Ancient Minister Knight, based off the Ancient Minister from the SSE.

This guy, btw, doesn’t work on anyone too well. So don’t complain about me not using someone else, k?

Also, subscribe to my channel, where i put videos of my textures and machinima. :D:D:D www.youtube.com/user/NeonTogepi

I’ll edit this post with a video later, so don’t complain about the snapshots, k?

Also, someone make a Neon category for me. Kthnx.

26 Responses to “EXACTLY”

  • Why is it that every person who posts here from KittyCorp is a complete fucking douchebag?

  • Well, PZT wouldn’t just announce a merge without agreement with the other team.

  • “Well, PZT wouldn’t just announce a merge without agreement with the other team.”

    LOL. That is all.

  • Kitty corp sucked eggs. It was the most horrible, un-organized texture site I have ever seen in my life. Meow mix was awesome.

  • Then I suppose maybe you should go and see how it looks like now. With a huge gallery (by actually CARING about the community, oh surprise!), with a forum that is not DEAD like the SCHC. And with now daily updates.
    It’s actually much more organized than may texture sites around here.
    (Well, not RIGHT NOW. The site is under maintenance for a few more hours)

    If Meowmix decided to merge with them, it’s for a good reason, I think.

  • Before the merge, you were crap. You update once a month, at most. We have had daily updates since I don’t know how long ago. We are more organized than an OCD lawyer. SS cares about its fans.

  • “SS cares about its fans.”

    “Ignore the whole community.”
    o_O Dissenssion in the team ? :p

    “We” were so much crap that “we” had the best forum, the most textures and the most active members. KC was a COMMUNITY. Not a flashy website with just some blind fanboys to support them and no dedicated non-members to help.

    Anyway, who cares ? You’re judging the websites by what they WERE, not what they ARE. This isn’t going to lead us anywhere. v_v

  • How the heck are you even allowed to say KC was active? That piece of crap made, like, 10 updates in a year. Also, you had the most textures because you are counting the freaking community forum board thing. It takes talent to get into this team. This sites worst texture is better than your second best texture.

  • “It takes talent to get into this team. This sites worst texture is better than your second best texture.”
    These two sentences definitely prove me that you absolutely do not know what you’re talking about.
    I guess I’ll stop arguing with you, “fanboy dude”. πŸ˜‰

    (Moreover, you’re forgetting that a nice proportion of SS’s textures are actually in our gallery)
    (And you don’t seem to know what a “forum” is)

    Just admit it : your site had its hour of glory, and I won’t deny it. But if you keep thinking of yourselves as the best texture team out there, if you keep ignoring the wishes of your community, if you keep posting empty updates and not hear your fans complain, then someone more involved, more organized and more open will nose you out.
    Funny parallel : kinda like the current situation between Nintendo and Microsoft, actually ! πŸ˜€

  • The thing is, one sucks dick and one doesn’t, for nintendo and microsoft. So it’s not like that, maybe Microsoft (SS) and Sony (KCMM), because neither suck dick. But calling kitty corp or ss nintendo?! That’s just plain mean right there.

  • What do you mean I don’t know what a forum is? I am a member of 3.
    Also, I don’t here a lot of people complaining. Do you?

  • I’m not talking about sucking. I’m talking about thinking high of themselves, not listening to its fans, producing useless products at times, and being on a slippery slope if they don’t react. (What I wrote just ABOVE my parallel).

    But as for Nintendo, I hope you’ll get better. I hope you manage to get back to your glory, even if for that, you’ll need to make a little effort toward you community and not just “ignore it we’re too good I don’t hear Tralala !” πŸ˜‰

    If I once registered on your boards, it’s because I had faith in this site. If I’m not frequenting it anymore, it’s because it has been left barren. If I’m still always keeping a tab of it open, it’s because I’m looking forward to a real revival. πŸ˜‰

  • Neon, this is a great texture. Put up the download before I decapitate you.

  • I WANT TO PUT IT UP FOR DOWNLOAD BUT SOMEONE *glares at PZT* won’t make me admin

  • BP told me that if the background of a comment is red instead of black, that means they are already an admin.

  • See ? I told you you were de-organized. πŸ˜€

    (Just kidding, please don’t flame me. ^^’)

  • 😐

  • Both sites have had problems, both sides have awesome textures and both sides have some not so awesome textures. No ones perfect. Anyway, seems I’m late and the “debate” is over. XD

  • Guys, Just ignore Miacis, hes a furry, you know how they can get.

    Anyway,Woo another member.

  • She.

    And stop feeding the Kity Corp trolls :U

    EDIT: She isn’t?! Ffffuuuuuuuuuuuu

  • You think that Miacis is a she?

  • Pako … you’re doing the same mistake AGAIN ? πŸ˜€
    (Teehee :p)

    Do I know you, WASDF-One ? I think your name vaguely reminds me of SOMEONE …
    Oh well, must have been just a RANDOM thought that passed through my mind. πŸ˜›

  • Indeed. It was a random mistake.
    Oh wait I see what you did there…No, I’m not Random.
    Although I know him, he really hates furries, But I really don’t mind them…Well no one cares bout my life story, especially here…

  • Zombie dude: I wasn’t referring to the texture. It’s fine. I meant the quality of the update itself. At the time there were no screenshot captions. There are still many typos. There are only four screenshots (but at least they’re not horizontally squished). And there was a fifth picture in the gallery, a redundant copy of Neon’s logo guy. I’m sorry for sounding like a professionalism Nazi, but I care about these things. I’d want you to consider me a lousy member if I didn’t!

  • I’d think that after a month there’d be a dl. lol

  • I think that shut up.

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