Why, I remember tha great Smash of 64!

Gather around, youngsters, and lemme tell ya a story.

Y’see, Pikachu’s been in every Smash Bros. game, right? Well, yer wrong! A Pikachu has been in ever single one of them Smash games, but it’s not the same one! Betcha didn’t know that, huh?

The Brawl Pikachu is the young’un, and the son of the Pikachu in Melee.
The Pikachu in Melee is the son of the Pikachu in Smash Bros. on the 64.

The 64 Pikachu is widely considered ta be the stongest of the Pikachu, most likely due to level grindin’ from the Red an’ Blue games. He taught his son, and later his grandson, how to be excellent Smashers. Today, the 64 Pika, now known as Pappychu, is paying this new-fangled Brawl a visit! YAY! GRANDPA’S COMING!

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  • Hey, there is a chance for Pichu (Melee) being Pikachu (Brawl) even though Pikachu has brown and Pichu has blue eyes. That’s because of the development of the pigment called melanin which is responsible for the coloration of skin, hair and eyes. See, Pichu is a baby Pokemon; this means that it’s high likely that it didn’t develop enough Melanin yet (but still some!) to have dark brown eyes, but blue eyes. While babies grow they develop more and more Melanin (or not, depending on the genotype), so it IS in fact posible Pichu changed its eye color during development. (I’d also like to point out that genetical blue eye color is ACTUALLY a mutation limited to the species of human, it is extremely rare for other animals… and well, Pokemon, at least if GAMEFREAK made their homework)

    Or Pichu spontaneously mutated and changed its eye color to brown while also changing its general sharp.
    …Oh wait, that’s when Pokemon evolve.

  • Naraku2000 is a true genius.

  • Even if the Brawl Pikachu is Pich (Which I’m still not gonna believe), that doesn’t mean that the Brawl Pikachu isn’t the son of the Melee Pikachu.

  • I don’t see why anyone especially cares. It’s my opinion that it’s the same Pikachu in all three games. And Pichu…

    He trained with Roy. Both became very, very strong. Pichu especially, soon he rose to a point where if he were in Brawl he’d be higher-tier than Sheik at least. Roy and he developed a bond. Since Roy was his mentor in training, and because of the aforementioned bond, Pichu leveled up and boom! Evolution. Sakurai had to boot one of the two Pikachu, and kept the veteran.

    Roy, being too broke to buy a Thunderstone, protested this, telling Sakurai that booting Pichu-kachu was completely unfair. “If he goes, I go,” he said (in Japanese, of course, but Sakurai speaks Japanese too). Well… Yeah.

    The rest of the story will be seen in the movie, “The Rest of the Story of Roy and Pichu After They Got Booted From Super Smash Bros.” It’s coming out next year.

  • No thanks. I read the book, and it was BORING.
    The Adventures of Mewtwo and Dr. Mario, now THAT’S a story!

  • I liked more “1000 reasons why Dixie Kong wasn’t in Brawl”.

  • Well, it’s all a thing of interpretation. I didn’t say it HAS to be, I wanted to say it MAY be, doesn’t have to be. Well, there ain’t one singular Zelda timeline either, is there. Well, I like the idea of “When Pichu heard that Pikachu is out it was so happy that it evolved to Pikachu” (Well, rather a joke idea for me, I don’t seriously care ’bout that because it doesn’t seriously matter to the game), but think what you want to think.

    @Adventures of Mewtwo and Dr. Mario: Mewtwo got caught by the Pokemon Trainer with a Masterball and then became transferred to the zoophile Professor Oak to be raped by him, and Dr. Mario quit his job because he doesn’t get any money from it and rejoined Brawl as normal Mario after he heard that they kicked out the normal normal Mario.

  • That’s not how the story ended!

    Mewtwo became extremely powerful with Dr. Mario as his right hand man. Then they were banned forevermore along with Roy and Young Link, but YL disguised himself as Toon Link to join Brawl.

  • pikachu rules

  • Hmmm this old pikachu reminds me of Mr. Miyagi from Karate kid for some reason.

  • Hey people, stop arguing about the Pikachu/Pichu thing. There is NO proof on either side, so stating it as a fact is wrong. Personally, I think Pichu IS Pikachu in brawl, but I’m not going to argue about it.

  • Reminds me of the episode wheres ling lings grandfather in Drawn Together visits him

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