Sony Computer Entertainment America presents…

… a Universal Interactive Studios Production. Created and Developed by, Naughty Dog!


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  • SECOND! Awesome, I always loved Crash Bandicoot, the only flaw is that he is NOT cartoonishly orange… GOING TO DOWNLOAD

  • sorry for second comment, but if all of you are wondering… A bandicoot is a marsupial from Tasmania and have huge hind legs and small front legs. The walk on all fours. They DO NOT SPIN! =)

  • As soon as I read the title I cried tears of diamonds with nostalgia.

  • Didn’t he have stripes of some sort?

    I bet this will get revamped. It just seems like the type of thing that will be.

    hey,what about making him with lucario?
    anyway,AWESOME =D
    never played crash bandicoot

  • This looks so bad it’s good, lol. Must have been killer trying to get it to work on Sonic.

    Not many other choices though. ^^ Might have possibly worked on Fox with some serious imagination, lol.

  • Looks cool, but isn’t he oranger? not that dark?

  • I don’t much like Crash. Personally, the perfer spyro The Dragon. But, still, pretty good, Stack Smash!

  • Hmmm, my only qualm is the eyes. Try give him a dumber look, like maiby just a pair of dot eyes to make him look DUMB…

  • FURST!!

    nice job

  • purplecatgowoof

    Man, you brought back some memories with you description πŸ™‚

  • @Rukifellth: Looks like someone hasn’t played the good old Crash games >:U

  • I hate sonic now -__-

    Righ when I read the text, my heart raced, and you’ve justy made my day! YOU ROCK PHREEQ!

  • R.I.P Crash bandicoot. was a great game on Playstation. now they just made it fucking gay.

  • I liked the texture the second you said Naughty Dog. Still needs to be brighter though..

  • @ Sky Walker: Ditto…

    This texture reminds me of the Goku texture, just inverted. Also, I liked the old Crash [b]somewhat[/b], because at least it’s not that new crap they call Crash Bandicoot.

  • it actually looks pretty good on sonic. I made some music from WARPED into brawl brstms a while back on my site.

    Good times, good times

  • Epic win dude

  • I miss the old Crash :/

  • I never found Crash Bandicoot fun mainly because he died SO easily.

  • looks good BUT NEEDS MOAR ORANGE!!!

  • I miss NaughtyDog… Their games was great…

  • LegendOfNikkonolasco

    It’s… Eh…

    I personally don’t really like it…

    And Sonic is the only person in Brawl to fit Crash, so…

    Guess Crash wasn’t ever fit for Brawl…

  • UGH, hated Crash’s games, Crash Purple was a disgrace!


    And I miss the days Crash was good. Why Naughty Dog ever had to sell him, idk..

  • @SSBBMan
    Are you referring to Taz spinning? He’s not a bandicoot, he’s a Tazmanian Devil, but those don’t spin either.

  • I’d like to see a Fox version, myself.

    But it’s still worth the effort. Nice job.

  • Mutated, I did a Fox version before joining the team. Check it out in my forum thread.

  • Oh yeah… Crash was one of my first PS games. I love it… But not on Sonic.

  • Crap Bandipoop! I love your guys imagination!

  • …I love you.

  • man, I thought it would be Drake…

  • If this was more orange, We could pit Charizard Spyro against Crash Bandisonic.

  • The body looks great, the head could just be a little bit lighter orange.

  • Although I think the newer Crash games are decent, the PS1 Crash wil ALWAYS be the best.

  • Didn’t that opening title sequence also contain something like ‘Developed by Eurocom Entertainment Software’.. Maybe that was just Crash Bash.

    Anyways, I’d love to get it if my Sonic wasn’t full with Shadow, Metal Sonic, Yakko, and Super Sonic/Silver…

  • I have seen one on fox i think before (I think). This is pretty cool non the less.

  • UpdateTheRosterPage


  • I think that Kitty Corp’s Pako’s Crash made in Fox posted in the Kitty Corp forum is much better.

    Pako Edit: Why thank you πŸ˜›

  • This HAS to be Classic Crash due to the description, but it may be…


    @Unai: Kitty Corp’s Crash is mostly CEL-SHADED. The PS1 had graphics that WEREN’T Cel-shadede!

  • @Stuff20: Crash and Taz DON’T SPIN! That’s what I was pointing out. I just wonder why they chose a bandicoot to spin…

    “A bandicoot is any of about 20 species of small to medium-sized, terrestrial marsupial omnivores in the order Peramelemorphia. The word bandicoot is an anglicised form of the Telugu word pandi-kokku, (loosely, pig-rat) which originally referred to the unrelated Indian Bandicoot Rat. The other two species of peramelemorphs are the bilbies.

    Classification within the Peramelemorphia used to be simple: there were thought to be two families in the order β€” the short-legged and mostly herbivorous bandicoots, and the longer-legged, more nearly carnivorous bilbies. In recent years, however, it has become clear that the situation is more complex. First, the bandicoots of the New Guinean and far-northern Australian rainforests were deemed distinct from all other bandicoots, and these were grouped together in the separate family Peroryctidae. More recently, the bandicoot families were reunited in Peramelidae, with the New Guinean species split into four genera in two subfamilies, Peroryctinae and Echymiperinae, while the “true bandicoots” occupy the subfamily Peramelinae. The only exception is the extinct Pig-footed Bandicoot, which has been given its own family, Chaeropodidae.

    The embryos of bandicoots, unlike other marsupials, form a placenta-like organ that connects it to the uterine wall. The function of this organ is probably to transfer nutrients from the mother; however the structure is small compared to those of the placentalia.”

  • This brings back so many memories! Nice work using Sonic for Crash. πŸ˜€

  • Mario & Sonic Guy

    I wonder. Would it possible to make Lucario look like Crash? They’re both canines after all.

  • @Mario & Sonic Guy
    *facepalms*. Crash. Is. Not. A. Dog. He. Is. Not. A. Canine. He. Is. A. Marsupial. He. Is. Approved. By. Chuck. Norris. L. O. L.

  • download link please?

  • cool can you make his little sister or whatever the non-hoe one is?

  • NOOOOOOOO! Just when I saw this I wanted it! But no download button!

  • Nice work! could do with being a brighter orange though. From the neck down is perfectly done! is it just me or does his head look off colour to the rest of the body?

    Crash for SSB4!

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