StackSmash takes suggestions! really

Shanoa, as requested by Ixbran.

(design from Order of Ecclesia)

Download |   BrawlVault page

…The title was a stab at how we rarely check the request page.  Don’t expect us to actually listen to you guys now! :U

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  • This is way better than the version at Nazi Corp.

  • Daaaaaaaaamn, I’ll definitely be using this.

  • I think you should make a Sheik texture hack to go with It, But I don’t know what It could be.

  • @ PAVGN’s first comment : Next time, think about who allowed this Zelda to be jewel-less before insulting a team. 😕

  • @ Miacis

    I didn’t insult the team for no reason. If you want to know why I said what I said, PM me on the forums. I’ll be more than happy to tell you.

  • The random issues you may have with our team don’t change anything to my point, but let’s listen to what you have to say, anyway … >_>

    (read : message sent)

  • Break it up, fellas.

  • So, how does one go about filing a request?

  • StackSmash taking requests? this is madness and sparta

  • looks awesome, I’m almost finished this game too

  • lol, SS? take sugestions? i laughed :L

  • PAVGN’s at 2 strikes, one more and he’s off this team,

    First strike being him having a premature mustache.

  • but, the ears of zelda will be showed in game if I use the texture without the motion.pac??

  • No, they won’t.

    All the motion file does is make her hair slightly longer, it’s an extra thing I thought would help this hack out.

  • @roy

    yay less members u think on everything! 😀 [/joke]

  • Why does she have a vagina in her back?

  • ^ LOL

    Kickin’ texture.

  • You take suggestions, eh? I have a suggestion for a vertex or model hack, but I know nobody will do it… XP

  • You guys really take suggestions? I made a gigantic list some time ago… What about a Power Suit Olimar? =P

  • You can post your suggestions all you want in the suggestions section at the top(where they belong), but I know that, at least for me, that they won’t be given a single glance. Most SS members are talented have they’re own ideas which they create at utmost priority, when not lazy. Ideas will be considered though if we find them and think that they are reasonable and good. And that might only happen when a member runs out of ideas.

  • That’s my Roy, always belaying the team.

  • I read the suggestion page, sorta. I read what’s posted on it if something that was posted on it is still in the admin panel’s “recent comments” thingy.

    Not like it matters if I do or not, anyway :B

  • Wow, this is cool!

  • this is EPIC Win!


    are you sill working on the other half of it, Zeldas sheik form in the apearance of Shanoas Castlevania Judgment form?

    o . o

  • W00t, you guys do read the comments page.

    Now if you could only make some of my suggestions…. =P

    In all seriousness, a rad texture. Moar Castlevania pl0x.

  • Very nice but I still like mine better.

    You didn’t do the bangs or the back insignias as well as I did.

    ^ My Shanoa

  • Not using brawlvault, and replacing it with megaupload… congrats. You’ve committed dumbnicide.

    “Miacis: @ PAVGN’s first comment : Next time, think about who allowed this Zelda to be jewel-less before insulting a team. ”


  • 1. I did lock this up in BrawlVault. I don’t see how putting a Vault download is any better than a direct link, anyway – it’s actually more work to go to KC-MM and THEN megaupload, right? Think about these things, Jack…

    2. Thanks for the crits, Zephron; and I don’t mind that you like your hack better. Who doesn’t prefer their own version, after all?

    I’ll work on the back (it’s terrible compared to yours), but I don’t see much I can do with the fringe. It’s fine as it is.

  • @ Pik

    True that. Thanks for not taking my crits the wrong way. It’s all constructive.

    Also I suppose the main reason for the BrawlVault isnt about speed, it’s about more people seeing your hack and putting it in 1 big database.

  • @Pik: 🙂 I don’t think for my own speed. Just for the speed of the user.

    Nice hack btw. Just look’n out for your download count in BrawlVault. More downloads from there = more publicity of course.

  • I’m just wondering but could anyone here get a Ichigo model from Bleach and put it in Brawl, over Ike, and just keep all of Ike’s moves.

    This would be so awesome to have, plus awesome texture/vertex I’m downloading it now from Brawl Vault.

  • What can you do with Cloud then, Jack? Fedora Mario can be used to update any character on Mario that needs it; with Cloud, the only hack I can currently think of that would work is David Bowie. Cloud’s hair makes him less versatile.

  • Is it just me, or the Motion isn’t doing a thing? With or without it she’s got the same hair D:.

  • Come on guys. You made 2 or more of this thing, why not make sure it works before you choose to discontinue it? Heck, it was working before.

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