Somebody stuffed Marill full of helium…

So we made Marill as a custom costume. GOTTA KETCHUP AAAAAAAALL POH-KAY-MAWN. Onto the update.

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  • More like an Evil Jigglypuff, or something. Still great.

  • Shadow Light Master

    Hah, nice. My advice though is that although I know Jiggs is one pixel for the whole texture, can you edit part of it to give her a white belly?

  • Huh… Certainly a strange one. I figured Pikachu wasn’t going to be this as he was used recently already. Interesting.

  • bottom left

    its going to eat me.

  • Great, but needs smaller eyes, if possible.

    Request: Could you turn Mario into M. Bison, please?

  • Maybe,pako.We need the SS guide for Mario,tho.He is weird.

  • interesting choice, I would’ve chosen Pikachu, but yeah, still a good one none the less.

    although Jiggs is by far one of my favorite, if not my favorite Pokemon (playable) I doubt I would ever use her much if I got into Texture hacking, due to her lack of … hmm, customization the only real thing you can change are the eyes but yeah, :3

    Good work!

  • Shadow Light Master

    No one answers my question? >.> I know Jiggs is one pixel for the whole texture, but can you edit part of it to give her a white belly? Also, what do you guys think about Galacta Knight? Any plan for a Meta Knight –> Galacta Knight hack?

  • You don’t really have that much creative leeway with one pixel, really.

  • I find it funny how as soon as KSSU is released people ave started requesting Galacta Knight, sure I’d LOVE to see him too, but well yeah XD

  • Wow, disappointing that you can’t customize marill that much, but good, nonetheless.

    Whatever happened to marill? It was like, GSC’s mascot before they came out, but now it’s fallen into obscurity.

  • Hmm. Just to get this off my chest, where exactly would one make requests at? Wondering, as I’ve compiled a list I’d… rather not post in one of these Reply boxes. ^_^;;
    But if that’s it, so be it; just knock out one every once in a while.

    Thanks. 🙂

  • You might want to email it to us or just feel free to copypasta it into the comment box. As long as you don’t get on our bad side you’re ok with HUUUUUUUGE lists.

  • If your suggestions are any good we might even follow it biblically. We can always use new ideas.

  • Hmm, I had always wondered about Mr. Game, all right.
    And that’s perfectly fine if the ones you happen to do don’t come out right; I can’t complain because you guys did it out of generosity.
    Heh, and I guess the few on here that’ve already been planned is not TOO surprising… :3

    Thanks again. 🙂

    (Relocates to Suggestions.)

  • kinda reminds me bubbles (ppg)

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