…What was Miyamoto thinking when he came up with Spirit Tracks?

“This series sucks and is now about trains”

Well, he had been visiting 1chan quite a lot recently. It was only a matter of time.

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  • I would actually like the idea of Spirit Tracks if it didn’t look EXACTLY THE SAME as Phantom Hourglass.

  • Looks like Toon Link needs to start TRAINING for his new adventure

  • Elite Smash Hackers already did this, but I like this one better.

  • nice rofl.

  • Wow, no stupid FURSTS. Crazy.


  • Shouldn’t he be out delivering mail or something?

    Nice anyway.

  • I’M ON A TRAIN!!!!

  • 3rd person to do this texture.

  • @Guest: 3rd person to make an irrelevant comment.

  • Yeah, you people mock trains, but have no complaints about the fact Link is on a steamboat in PH. Regardless, nice work.

  • MAST3RLINX’s is better

  • i made this the same day that the game trailer came out, so I did it first, i win! IN YOUR FUCKIN FACES EVERYONE

  • Y’know, I don’t think PZT is actually complaining about Spirit Tracks. I think it’s more along the lines of comparing it to some 1chan meme. Or whatever. Either way, nice texture! 😀 And the picture captions are hilarious, especially the last one.

  • I remember someone complaining about it.

  • @Olimar: The joke is that 1chan literally IS about trains. Just visit it. There’s only one board and it’s TRAINS
    Also yay people appreciate my captioning

  • Why’s he on a boat? HE GOES ON TRAINS FOO’!

  • @camelot-
    No comment…

    Just a small town Fool…
    A guardian of Hyruuuule…
    He took the Spirit Train goin’ ANYWHERE!!!

  • For the record, I made this THE DAY Spirit Tracks was released.
    Nya. 😛

  • *…when the train- I-I mean trailer was revealed, anywho.

  • I bet the first level will be TRAINING.

  • I really hope people grow out of that annoying “furst!” phase quickly.

    With PZT and the gang protecting the first post, you still get people thinking they’re funny saying “eleventh”. It’s not funny, it’s not witty, you’re not unique.

    Stop being a jackass and say something worthwhile or don’t bother saying anything at all.

  • ^That.

    No idea ’bout the texture though…

  • Masterlinkx made one too, but yours is a BILLION times better

  • Masterlinkx isn’t a good texture artist :p

  • You have to understand that Toon Link and his adventures are appealing more towards the younger (9-12) audience, not exactly the 14+ group. I thought Phantom Hourglass was alright.

    Nice texture.

  • Hey didnt PZT post something about not saying “OMG TH15 H45 B33N D0N3 432847329472398 T1M35 B3F0R3 4ND M1N3Z0R53ZZZZZZZZZZZ B3333TTTTT4444H W4LL H4XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX N1GG3R!”

    We dont care if its been done before, if we want to make it, we make it, so shut your little arrogent mouths.

    that is all.

  • OMG now I can’t wait for Spirit Tracks!! 😀

  • You people underestimate the power the Railroad Locomotive as a means of mass transportation.

  • @Super Yirbi-
    Yep I agree. Adult Link FTW! They need to stop making Toon Linky Adventures. It’s just another excuse for not making good 3d graphics, making more money for targeting at the young age group, and not spending more time making an actual GOOD Legend of Zelda game.

    I think Spirit Tracks marks the shameful end of the once good Legend of Zelda series. I think every LoZ game was probably good except this one. I didn’t expect Nintendo to do this. It’s like Sonic or Crash Bandicoot.

    (Please Sonic & Crash fans, do not eat my heart out. I’m a LoZ and Sonic fan myself)

  • Yeah, Sega could do alot better with Sonic games but Sonic and the Black Knight has gotten the series out of the Sonic Heros rut. Crash Bandicoot is unexplainable.

  • lol i totally agree with this update.

  • Very cool tex!

    I think the supposed Zelda Wii is going to be a definant Triple A title. Making up for these adventures*which i enjoy anyway* They say it will be announced at E3, but there’s know way to know until then.

  • I hate all the whiners.
    This is a good texture, but some of these comments are making me sick.
    I would go into Zelda hardcore fan mode and explain what is wrong with many of the whiner’s logic, but I won’t.
    (Of course, I’m the guy who has the nerve to favor Majora’s Mask and Wind Waker and most handhelds; excluding Phantom Hourglass, which was kind of bad; greatly over Ocarina of Time, Twilight Princess and A Link to the Past.)

  • If nintendo makes ONE mor cell shaded Zelda game, One more bad Pokemon game (nintendo is lucky they chose to make HG/SS) or another mario spin off for ds
    I Will kill nintendo (and sony and microsoft if nintendo dies THEY really die)

  • @dufyhruh™: Good luck with that. It’s pretty much inevitable that there WILL be at least 1 Mario spin-off (whether another “bad” Pokemon game or cel-shaded Zelda game is on the horizon is up to them). Hope you have a good lawyer. :3

  • You people need to learn to give new ideas a chance rather than shoot them down right off the bat because being outside the box makes you uncomfortable.

  • Super Yirbi
    May 25, 2009 at 1:24 am
    You have to understand that Toon Link and his adventures are appealing more towards the younger (9-12) audience, not exactly the 14+ group. I thought Phantom Hourglass was alright.

    Nice texture.


    Also, nice texture. even though spirit tracks is going to be horrible

  • This is so cool that even looks like an oficial Nintendo texture… XD

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