Alex Kidd in Miracle World!

After years of martial arts training on Mount Eternal, Alex Kidd became strong enough to shatter solid rock with his bare fists. On a quest to find that which requires Alex Kidd’s skills, he met a deformed being, having a fist as head. He claims to be the third henchman of the king, Stone Head. He’d let Alex through only if he could beat him in a game of Janken, and so Alex did. On his way he discovers he is the second son of King Sanders who was kidnapped as a young child and that his native land is heavily misgoverned by the evil Janken the Great. He has to save his older brother and heir to the throne, Egle, and Egle’s fiance and recover the most powerful artifact known as the Crown to bring peace back to Radaxian. And so Alex saved his brother, defeated Janken the Great, saved Egle’s fiance and recovered the Crown. Radaxian is at peace and Egle and his wife are now the king and queen.

Alex felt his journey has just begun and started to look for his missing father, which he found, safe and sound, and happy on planet Paperock.

As Alex returned to planet Aries, he felt something was wrong. And there he was, Stone Head, claiming revenge! Luckily, King Egle emerged from behind Alex Kidd and joins forces with his sibling to defeat the instable deformity! Get ready for some epic Janken!

(Credit to Doppelgänger for the ripped sprites featured on Stone Head)

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