The one winged angel…

White hair flowing in the wind…sunken green eyes, surveying the world that will fall…

Black trenchcoat rustling softly…his hand resting softly on the handle of the legendary Masamune…

Has the Final Fantasy seen a villain greater than Sephiroth?

YES! look here—->

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  • If only his cape could be made transparent it would look a lot better 🙁
    This is based off his Crisis Core appearance, and download is in the Released Content in STUFFZ.

  • wtf you guys aren’t supposed to make Sephiroth

  • Also, that really looks like nothing more than regular Marth with white hair. Marth sucks. He’s such a lame character that even texture hacking can’t turn him into anyone better.

  • Looks pretty nice. Doesn’t he have blue eyes though? I though the whole Mako thing was blue, but I could be wrong.

  • @hotdogturtle
    My brother asked me to make it so I did. I know that it doesn’t look exactly like Sephiroth, but Marth is the closest character Sephiroth *shrug*

    No he has green eyes as said in the FF Wiki. I think he has been portrayed with blue eyes in a game though. :S

  • >.<
    I was hoping for Zemus or Golbeza. but instead, i get actual sephiroth. i am sad panda

  • I thought this looked pretty dayum sweet. Seems kinda fitting now, whut, with all the talk of FF Dissidia in the IRC. XD
    And I hear that about the eyes not being the same in artwork as it is in-game. A lot of older-school characters have that problem; inconsistencies with their official artwork when compared to their in-game counterparts. Like Fierce Deity Link; in his artwork, he’s a deeper shade of blue, and the markings on his face look awesome. But in-game, his tunic is a plethora of colors, and his markings look like little dabs made in MS Paint.

  • there aren’t that many heavily changed marth textures… not alot worth a download IMO

  • I thought it was going to be:

    “Has the Final Fantasy seen a villain greater than Sephiroth?


    Actually, that would have been pretty entertaining…

  • ^ Alright, make that NAO.

  • I’ve been waiting for this texture for a while. I’m glad someone finally did it, it looks really good (despite Sephiroth having long hair, but, according to Smash Bros, males do not have long hair ever).


    “He’s such a lame character that even texture hacking can’t turn him into anyone better.”

    May I please direct your attention to the Kefka hack made (on Marth) a while back.

  • Awesomesauce. -Downloads-

  • where’s kefka? i expected kefka!

  • LegendOfNikkonolasco



  • @springBOOB: Ohh my, did someone forgets to check “The Roster” page????

    don’t worry kid, here is your god, 😛

    And catgowoof, we made a threat that we ends making Sephiroth in Link to not repeat the FUCKING SAME CHARACTER in the other Dissidia chars, damn u, >:U

    and yeah….i agreed with the adove coment, Sephiroth is just a little girly-man wimp!! 😀 [/kefkafanboymode]

  • Wait, Link? Uh oh.

  • @Dhragen
    Really? I didn’t know that sorry. That would be quite hard, since the majority of the cast (of Dissidis) having swords, and some characters (like Jecht for example) fit Ike really well, but there’s already a Squall Ike :S

    Anyway I chose not to do it on Link because he’s got a shield, and someone’s already made one on him anyway (though admittedly
    not very good).

  • *facepalm* …Stupid and mindless Kefka fanboys… ¦D

  • Error

    Sword is approx. 10 feet too short


  • that sissy got a haircut! …not again…*Octaslash’d*

  • hey, yo, i be finded your page and it is very good, nice work whit the hacks, i only have 2 questions actually:

    1-do you have the naruto textures hack here?

    2-how i can download the textures?

  • I love how nobody can say even the slightest thing nice about this.
    Looks cool, worth the download

  • Lol, I was expecting another non-sephiroth character as a joke while ten people yell WTF THIS ISN’T SEPHIROTH.

  • that thing isnt sephirot, its kadaaj :k

  • Don’t let anyone bring you down on this, it looks amazing and it’s about as close as you’ll ever get. Good work. 😀

  • Sephiroth’s a gay man-whimp, unlike Masamune. ALL HAIL MASUMUNE.

  • Hm, perhaps with the short hair he’s actually closer to Kadaj? They’re the same person anyways.~ 😀 (zomg spoilzers?)

  • SEPHIROTH!?!?!

    YES!!! YESSS!!!!!!

  • Thanks guys for the comments (even though some of them were not so good :p).

  • Good texture catgowoof.I love Sepriroth and Kefka.Thx.

  • Use the size modifier on his hair, and he’s Sephy! :3

    Cuz if ya don’t, he’s Kadaj, and that’s a Sephy remnant.

  • We’ve got to get this started again.


  • But I’m still downloading this texture.

    Now Kefka, Squall, Cloud, Sephiroth (and…Ice Mage?) can whup each other. Sorry for the double posting.

  • Waaaa!?

    It’s MEEE! It’s Waluigi!!

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