Who’s That Pokémon?

Remember when we were all seven years old (well, I mean, you kids were probably two at the time) and Pokémon Gold and Silver were announced, with teaser pictures of the new species? If so, you probably remember the name “Pikablu,” a made-up name for what we’d later call Marill.

Well, this is not a hack to make Marill from Pikachu. It’s an artistic manifestation of the name, and it answers the question that nobody asked: “What would Pikachu look like if he were blue?”


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  • COOL! Marill was in my party when I played pokemon gold

  • Furst? if not good work.

  • Mr. Jacobson, Esquire

    I remember Pikablu.
    How you had to get him from inside the Mew Truck…

  • that looks cute lol *-*

  • and mewthree

  • lol, sonic disapproves.

  • Seven years old when Gold and Silver were announced? How young ARE you people?

  • Well, I’m turning seventeen in less than a week. If you want to make me feel young, please do. Things like… Captain Jim’s little brother make me worry about how close my independence is and how hard it’s going to hit me.

  • Ha! This is a funny idea. Surprised it took this long. Thanks for the nostalgia! ^_^

  • Woooo!
    I’m in first grade again!

  • huh, I do remember that name.


  • I’m not even “old”… I’m 19, and Pokemon Blue and Red came out when I was in 4th grade. But most of the places I go on the internet seem to have an increasing number of younger people.

  • Awesome, Pikablu! I remember the hype over that. Talk about a blast from the past!

  • Well G&S came out in UK in 2001, so I would have been 14 or 15 when I was hearing about it and playing it.

    I had read up on stuff regarding Pikablu, but Marril had already been named for almost a year before I got my grubby mitts on the game so there was never really much anticipation for that aspect.

    Looks good though!

  • ahhh the memories…
    *dusts of my GBC*

  • I’m sixteen, yo. I nearly peed myself when I heard of Pikablu, but I was obsessed with pikachu at the time. I even got the Hey! You! Pikachu game… and had no idea what I was doing for the voice commands… Pikachu hated me…

  • Haha, taking it literally… Nice work.

    Good times, good times.

  • Ha ha ha! This is great man! This really was a long long time ago. Here I am now, 18 years old, and I STILL play my Pokemon. Good thing the guys at school don’t know. *shifty eyes*

    IT’S MISINGN-Oh Fu-*show crashes*

  • I’m wasn’t a gamer back then

    but still, cool.

    BTW doesn’t Pokemon Platinum come out in a few weeks?

  • So long, and thanks for the nostalgia!

  • Ah, yes…the legendary mythical Pokégods…I’d say Pikablu was the most popular of those hoaxes, and, in a way, this confirm it. Definitely an interesting texture, Bird Person.

    And what do you mean D/P/P sucks?

  • lol, I remember Pikablu. Good times, good times.

  • Yup the good old days lol. I remember all my friends telling me you could get it in yellow =D….=(. Lol the new games are so different. Too many…way too many rares lol.

  • can you make missingno next

  • I remeber the teasers. I was like, six.

    But I didn’t know of the Internet at that time, so…

  • Pikablu! By lazer face, does this mean that this is Shoop Da Whoop Bowser’s lazer?

  • Pikablue wants a hug from Sonic XD.
    I remember pikablue I also remember Bills garden, Venustois, and a bunch of other ones.

    Rumors get started easily, my gameboy kept shutting off, and I told my friends @ school and we came to the conclusion Mewtwo was trying to kill me. I ran around the whole world thinking he was following me and would erase the save file turned out my AC adapter wasn’t pluged in fully in the GBC.

    Also are you going to post the ESH textures, and if you are when will you post the Sonic textures?

  • ahh, pikablu, good times, goood times…

  • Ya Know I don’t remember that “Pikablu” thing and I was close to 7 when that game came out. Cool idea though.

  • I probably never heard that because I was (and still am) tring to beat Pokemon Yellow. WHY IS IT SO HARD??!!??

  • Ahaha, priceless. I remember remembering Pikablu, actually… a few years ago, thinking, “What happened to that one…?” Some fine nostalgia there. =]

  • Zion: D/P/P suck mostly for the Godless new species. They’re all legendaries, Bidoofs, or the old Generation I Pokémon fed radioactive applesauce until fat (Magmortar? Tangrowth? Lickilicky? My heart…). I will say, though, I LOVE the game mechanics, especially regarding the new distribution of moves into physical and special categories. Unfortunately that’s not enough to make me want to play them. It is, however, plenty to make me ready to eat a Game Boy to have Gold and Silver remakes released.

    SonicShadowGuy: What do you mean? ESH? They’re still going strong, and they didn’t merge with us. They were just given hosting here. Their site is still accessible from the links on the right side of all the Stack Smash pages.

  • Oh hecks yeah. I love the design! XD Aaaah… Pikablue. Gold and Silver were the days… the highest level Pokemon I ever raised.

    And I am confident that GS remakes are forthcoming. VERY confident. YES.

  • i was like 10 when gold/silver came out >.>….i’m 25 now LOL

    but yes I remember the whole fake pokemon rumors going out….like the whole pokegod island and mew truck heh

    either way nice job on this texture! I like it

  • actually make that about 15 LOL

    forgot Gold/Silver was out in 1999
    I think I was 10 when red/blue came out now that I think about it

  • C. Olimar: I’d love to think so but now I’m not so sure. They’re certainly not that necessary (while FireRed and LeafGreen were needed to bring in all the Pokémon not in Ruby and Sapphire). It might look like a chore to Nintendo rather than a real business opportunity. I mean, we know how well they would sell…

    Till then, there’s that “ShinyGold” hack for FireRed. Pretty messy, but satisfying.

  • lmao i remember pikablu and all those other rumors for pokemon, and i must say to something that does not exist that is nicely done hack.

  • Oh yeah!!! I remember know!!

  • its hacks like these that make me sad that I have to choose between them. Damn pika’s multiple textures!

  • This+Longachu=Totally Mutated Pikachu

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