Oh lol, missed me????? :P

Wow, about time I updated a texture! But this isn’t exactly a “texture”, so this doesn’t exactly count…or does it? Well, anyways, I made this update to announce that I am fully back, and when I mean “fully” I mean my computer, my Photoshop and my body function properly, YAY!!!

That’s right, I am back to texture action, allowing me to keep making my textures and my falcon series, but let’s leave that to another day, k? Right now I don’t have anything prepared to show to you guys, but I’m preparing them for a cople of days, so be prepared, :P.

But that means another update of me without textures??? WRONG!! Because yesterday, while I was visiting Kitty Corp forums, I found a great tool called “GWitizer” made by picano (that you can find here) to change all of Mr. Game & Watch’s costumes’ colors individually, including the outline and the attacks, A DREAM THAT COME TRUE!!!! So I told myself “Ok, let’s try out this toy”, and I made my favorite customs for G&W, changing all the recolors (except the default one), and finally making CSP and Battle portraits for all of them, DOESN’T THAT SOUND AWESOME???!!!! πŸ˜€

I know that everyone can make their personal recolors using picano’s tool, but I want to share mine’s with you guys. Hope that you like them as much as I do πŸ˜›

And don’t forget: These are not textures, so stop calling them that.

By the way, they’re not textures.

PD: Ohh, and there is more, you remember my Commander Lucas, Unmasked Man and my Gyromite Stage that I never uploaded for download???? Well, please forgive me, but I still can’t upload them right now, but I will do it tomorow with the Pako of those Game & Watches, I promise, >_<

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