Roy, Fuck Yeah!

The hair isn’t mine, and the armor vertex edits aren’t mine either. This was almost a team effort – even if there’s no official “project” (as far as I’m aware of), a good number of people did stuff on him.

My version basically includes a shorter scarf/tunic, a somewhat-different face, and completely new textures. Alternate costumes included.

Get him here!

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  • Something looks a bit off about the hair. But nice anyway.

  • tell Leon that he’s got a F&F code in his inbox on XBOX. He’s welcome

  • This is very nice! I like it!

  • Disregard my comment about the hair, my explorer didn’t show the picture right.

  • Is this the same one that dosnt even have the hair….yup it is.
    It lose the hair on everything.You do a ^B and its gone.

  • GoldenYuiitusin

    Cool. Now one of the only things left to do is edit Marth’s idle pose to make it more like Roy’s.
    And finally, a Roy with the correct sword! W00T!

  • DMN, there’s a reason why I included the hair texture separately.

    Just open the version that always has hair in BrawlBox and replace the texture. I would’ve included it myself, though I couldn’t find the most recent PSA. Should I include a note about that in the .rar?

  • Now all we need is a proper way to replace the voice to Roy

  • we need some custom animations, voices, and a vertex hacked hair to make this perfect

  • Pretty good but the eyes kinda bug me because there not roy’s like in the older version of the texture THEY ARE MARTHS also not really a fan of Red Roy Having Gold Armor and Dark Roy having a white cape. I’ve made my own edits of these to fix these things. is it ok with you if I post them on BrawlVault?

  • The iris is actually edited from ZSS’s, I think it makes him look more like a teenager. If you mean his actual eye white, though, Brawl never has pure white eyes, and I think Roy wouldn’t be an exception.

    As for the edits, I don’t mind.

    edit: alright, nevermind, I just remembered that I scrapped using it because it made him look girly instead

    he still has marth’s iris :I

  • @Pik
    Yeah I was talking about the Iris I just assumed they were marth’s Eye’s cause they look very similar to his. None the less I think I prefer him with his old eyes though that doesn’t stop anyone else from disagreeing with me

  • Who the fuck is that Weegee faker? I’VE BEEN WEEGE HERE SINCE ALMOST A YEAR

  • Is this a Marth texture or model hack? It’s good.

  • Heh, there’s already a vertex hack of Roy that doesn’t use Isaac’s hair (No PSA), so I prefer that one. Good job, though.

  • Nice texture.
    Speaking of Roys, though, whatever happened to RoyPh123X?

  • At least to me, it never really felt like Roy was part of the team… he was rarely in either chatroom, almost always only to say “made a post lol” and leave immediately. Then we couldn’t let him know what we thought of the post or texture in real time (we’d never even know they were in the works at all to begin with). Then, criticism, even from team members, was met with edits if he didn’t like it.

    All this considered, none of us have any idea what he’s up to–he never said.

  • He kinda sucked really :B

  • You did an awesome job on this pik, You make very high quality stuff.


    Changes you make to fit your own personal preferences, Aren’t “fixes”.

  • I read BP’s comment and now I fell like I’m letting this team down. 🙁

  • Pik, I don’t think I ever told you this before but I love dick. And This Roy.

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