The Triforce of Fear

Riding in the night on his dark stallion, the King of Darkness rode towards Hyrule, initiating his new plan to take over as King of Hyrule. Just as he was making his way over the final hill towards Hyrule, he was confronted by a green-clad hero on a red-brown horse with a mighty blade of light and justice. The King just stared and snickered. He gradually got off of his steed, and began to walk towards the boy. The boy got off his steed and stood in a defensive position , waiting. The King began chuckling to himself, then laughing maniacally, and the young hero didn’t know why. Soon the King was standing right in front of the boy, towering over him. He glanced down and ,with a quickness, grabbed his throat. Holding the hero in a death choke, the King began laughing again. Then he pulled out his blade and pointed it at the hero and whispered to him, “Now we’ll both be the bad guy…”. suddenly, they both became enshrouded with dark purple clouds, no doubt the work of sorcery, The King cackled maniacally again, and crushed the green-clad hero’s throat. As blood splattered onto his face, dripping from his hands, and the dark aura surrounding both of them, the King impaled himself in the abdomen, dying himself. Soon after, the evil smoke entered both their bodies, and ran through their blood. Their eyes became blood-red, their skin pale; soon after they stood up. Being just a few minutes away from the main city of Hyrule, they both climbed upon their horses, riding into the vermillion sunset, towards Hyrule to bring about its demise, with a new leader in mind…

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