Departure is often harder on the fan than it is on the hacker

Yeah I might leave this hellhole some day

You guys keep pointlessly fighting over everything

Anyways here’s CAD’s Ethan, as expressive as usual



16 Responses to “Departure is often harder on the fan than it is on the hacker”

  • F1RST !!!

    Lol at his face 😀

  • He finally got those superpowers he wanted, but as a side effect he shrunk substantially.

  • Let’s just hope Peach doesn’t have a miscarriage…

  • I think Pako actually likes CAD

  • Pako, I can understand why you’d want to leave the community (I’ve felt like that so many times). But I think I’d be better If instead of leaving you just submit your stuff only to the Brawlvault. Sure your work won’t get as noticed this way, But at least you would be able to actually enjoy your hobby, And not have to deal with the bullshit that comes with having to be in the community.

    Anyway, Good work on this. I don’t even know who this is and I think I’ll use It.

  • Yes, we are in a hellhole, but you want to surrend to it so easily….leaving it as it isn’t a way to fix the issues of the community, our own world has issues everyday…..and without persons like you, this will ends more chaotic than now……so please consider more about your desition, or at least leave me to speak and try to convince you to stay, 🙂

  • We’ll stop arguing for you!

  • I think it’s the site theme. Kind of hard to stay positive when you’ve got black-on-red-on-black going on, ya know.

  • CAD makes me feel great. ‘Cause I don’t make it.

    As far as stack smash goes, I have a texture in progress. Cut me some slack for the continued hiatus, I’m graduating high school soon and no one will leave me alone about it.

  • @S: I think it would be about the same if the site had a white and pink theme.

  • Agree’d with Androu, Smash fans will never stop having bitch fits with one another

    Dunno why, they are just retarded …. well …. most of them at least, like 90%

  • Yeah Pako, You’re one of the few people who doesn’t get involved with all these meaningless fights. If you leave, That’s one less peaceful person in the community.

  • To be honest, fans of anything will argue amongst themselves anywhere. This kind of talk won’t be avoided no matter where you go.

  • Unless, of course, you live under a rock.

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