Pfft… Alloys…

Polygons and Wireframes are WAY cooler than that!

Behold Master Hand’s true creations!

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  • …nice concept…the polygons’ theme was the best….

  • Aww, I thought you edited the alloys. I’m getting this anyway πŸ˜€

  • …Wow. Female Wireframe MUST’ve been used as ZZS’s base. >.>

    Pretty sweet.

  • @S. How could the Female Wireframe be ZZS’s base if ZZS wasn’t in Melee?

    Anyway, great texture. Should’ve been on Zelda though (seeing as that’s both the Female Wireframe and the Blue Alloy’s base).

  • The Alloys are pretty sucky. Before they were shown, I wanted the Fighting Mii Team because I really hate Miis and it would be a pleasure to burn/eat/run over/electrocute/punch/freeze/blow up/cut them.

  • @Spookers: Precisely that. Female Wireframe must’ve been used as the base for Zero Suit Samus when she was being made in BRAWL.
    …And because if ZZS was the base for Female Wireframe, that’d be impossible, because that’d mean ZZS had to have been in Melee.


  • The wireframs looked a lot better than the alloys. When model hacking comes the alloys should be replaced with wireframes. Although you’d need to make Kirby and Mario wireframes.

  • Holy shit that wireframe is amazing

  • wow nicely done!
    I mean I missed the wire frames!

  • I thought the polygons could use items?

  • And appearently NICKtendo is the only person with ideas here at the moment.

  • Awesome man.

  • The smash symbol is backwards on zss’s face…

  • Oh man, pretty genius! I need to get this one. πŸ˜€ The Polygons were the best. So much better than Alloys or Wireframes…

  • Sweet. Do the polygon’s for the other 11 original…yeah, maybe not.
    ZSS wirframe is pretty cool, even though in melee the female wirefram was Zelda. But that’d look stupid here cus ZSS looks better than Zelda as a wireframe.

  • Here goes an idea I had. πŸ˜›

    Nice job.

  • Very nice! Yes, and Alloys suck. VERY MUCH. Polygons ftw

  • Why does everyone hate the Alloys so much? I actually like them the most. They have different colors for each kind of Alloy, and they have the best designs, IMO.

  • @Joe McLarry:
    No, it’s just slightly different due to dat god darned mirroring.

  • Wire Frame should be Zelda. But interesting idea still.

  • Also, I always thought the alloys were a combination of the polygons and the Alloys. Alloy does mean “complete solid solution of one or more elements in a metallic matrix.”
    …Please ignore above me nerding out…

  • Wireframes >>>>>>>>> Alloys.

  • IMO, they all suck πŸ˜€

  • @Androu:
    They are “ass” as in “bad ass”
    They are “shit” as in “the shit”
    They shine like diamond in the eyes of an epileptic.
    They fail with a certain dignity, with grace and beauty.
    It’s that kind of suck which we all can appreciate and tolerate.

    Except for the Alloys: They are plain shit ass sucking fails that makes you wish you were blind. [/overdramatic]

    Oh, and that without saying fuck once!

    Wait, now I did Β¬_Β¬

    Polygon and Wireframe are up for grabs in the Hacks section! Get them while they’re hot!

    Which reminds me…
    There are some guys here at Stack Smash that still haven’t uploaded their shit or haven’t uploaded in a while. My message to those guys: Please do.

  • @Nick
    Sorry I haven’t updated in a while but I’ve had exams for the past couple of weeks :S

    I’ll be updating soon, coz I got the holidays coming up.

  • yay wire-frames

  • Actually, Zelda was used as Female Wire Frame’s base. The dress was made transparent. Notice how this wire frame is more sexier? Lol I said more sexier. That’s because ZSS has bigger ass and titties than Zelda. LOL WE GAWT NEKKID ZEE-ESS-ESS

    BTW, I think Polygons could hold items, and I’m SURE wire frames could hold items. They just didn’t do it often.

    Also, Alloys can’t shield, and I think Wire Frames/Polygons can’t either. Polygons can’t grab, but Wire Frames can.

  • I like the Alloys. But the Polygons are just win.

  • please reupload this hack… megaupload does not exsist anymore

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