Join the Nintendo Fun Club Nintendo today, Mac

You know, Punch Out!! deserves more representation than a lousy Little Mac assist trophy. I mean, it was full of charismatic characters like Glass Joe, the French pussy, and Super Macho Man, the surfer showoff from Hollywood. So here they are, punching and kicking because they can.

6 Responses to “Join the Nintendo Fun Club Nintendo today, Mac”

  • PLEASE Make the download link for these 2 textures! PLEASE!

  • can you probably make a dark cloud thing?


    p.s i`d really like it if you did.

  • Knucklesthegreat

    @GoldenYuiitusin: FACE!…. Just kidding but seriously… thank you. 😀

  • How long does it take for a download to be up? It’s been 2 weeks…

  • Glass Joe is so shitty… at least you made up for it with a great Super Macho Man.

  • Thing is, I’m more proud of Glass Joe Luigi. Really. Even though I shortly realized that I could’ve done a much better Gabby Jay with a few changes after uploading it.

    I don’t even know why Super Macho Man is so popular. Sure, he may look more accurate, but the huge, gaping hole in his chest is too big to ignore.

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