Well, after the strange turn of events detailed in the Muigi update, with Luigi going insane and stealing Mario’s overalls and all, Mario noticed his only pair of clothes was missing. He went over to Luigi’s room, but no-one was there. Mario needs clothes like nao, so he had to take Luigi’s. Lario anyone? Also, we can now hack Mario, thanks to TeadyMK making us realize that we screwed up when we first hexed him a while back. Thank her as well as Androu, the creator of this hack. Let ze floodgates open.


  • First! Lol there are more Luigi fans than
    Mario fans so Mario stole Luigi clothes lol

  • Mario used L-Emblem (PMTTYD)
    It’s okay, but it’s not my cup of tea.
    I believe this is your first Mario edit.

  • Brilliant! Was worried you guys wouldn’t work out where you went wrong.

    Can’t wait to see what you guys manage to do with the EE tutorial. It’s gonna be AWESOME! ^^

  • Why they never did this in the first place is beyond meh

    Anyway, Awesome update, I dont know why … but I REALLY like this texture ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Awesome!!!!!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I believe Mario already has a Luigi-esque costume in Brawl… Nice touch making it a darker shade of green. Looks pretty sweet. ๐Ÿ˜›

  • is he really gonna be a darker color?
    Cause the Muigi one is the same shade, right?

  • all because of me this was possible at least I think……and in my opinion he needs to be more green

  • Woot! Lario ftw!
    this is teh best present evar!
    (mah birthday=thanksgiving)

  • Yes,loads of thanks Teady.

    Note worthy,this dates from Muigi’s time…it was done at the SAME time.

  • another nice one as the Muigi one. you guys do make good textures

  • WOW!! At first, I thought it was ACTUALLY Luigi!! Later, I looked at him again and I found out that it was Mario!! BTW, I’m a BIG Luigi Fanboy!! He’s my favorite in the Mario series!!

  • I like Lario’s darker green. It looks awesome.

  • I’m awaiting more Mario textures now.

  • awesome, is Lario!!!!!!!
    and thaks for make a no lucas,ness,luigi,bowser,wario,jigglypuff,ganondorf texture
    i hope you make geno and flying mario
    and happy face kirby xD

  • You finally learned to edit Mario? Great! Now… MAKE M. BISON >:D

    j/k, nice texture.

  • God damn it! Mario is 9000 times awesomer now!

  • I was the one who requested this long ago (that I know of)!

    Awesome! ^_^

    P.S. – LOL, first comment here.

  • Did it ever cross your mind that luigi is already in the game?
    Strage, well I guess if you suck at brawl, you wouldn’t have gotten him yet.
    Luigi is in the game, as a matter of fact, yeah, seems like you just wasted a lot of people’s time. Not yours, of course, seeing that you have no lives.

  • @Think a Little
    They KNOW Luigi is is Brawl! They
    just want to see what Mario looks
    like in Luigi’s clothes.
    YOU’RE the one with no life >.>

  • Ya hj is right this is awsome

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