We made some of your MOTHER! (ololo)

Today’s update, fans, is a tribute to the game series we lovingly refer to as EarthMotherBound Zero 3 or something. The first, is our old pal Red transformed into a doppelganger of Ness, our PSI-wielding friend. The second, is Ultimate Charmera, which is not so invincible anymore. The third, is Squirtle recrafted into Starman Jr., based on his appearence in MOTHER/EarthBound Zero. I like to call it Starsquirt Jr. The fourth, is Krackensaur, whatever that’s supposed to be. Ask S. Anyway, combined, they form the Mother Trainer and his PSImon and somesuch. With EE’s Mario Trainer and our Metroid Trainer, it seemed a tad unfair not to give Nintendo’s OTHER series starting with an M it’s highlight in Trainer form. Pics!

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  • zomg


  • As much as I love Mother, these are kind of underwhelming, especially after the Metroid Trainer.

  • Let’s be honest, everybody took out the bridge at Pork City to watch the Ultimate Chimera fall to its death whenever they had the chance. Now we have the joy of beating him into a bloody pulp.

    Vengeance is sweet.

  • One thing I noticed though. You mentioned EE’s Mario trainer, which is something that you normally don’t do, especially after all the drama on this site after they closed. Does that mean that the Mario trainer is going to be re-released at some point?

  • I don’t remember the logic where mentioning something’s existence means we’re gonna re-release it. So, short answer, no.

  • Must make Mach Rider trainer! MUST!

  • Eh…. This one is just okay. The Ultimate Chimera is cool, but the Starman Jr. is stretching it a bit.

    The Kraken looks nothing like Ivysaur at all. But I guess you had to do something with him, huh?

  • The Trainer and Ivysaur look cool, but the charizard and squirtel…
    I dunno. I like the textures a bit. Not as good as your others PZT.

  • Quote: “but the charizard and squirtel…I dunno”

    You’re kidding! The Charizard is easily the best part! And the Squirtle is great too! It’s the Ivysaur which is wrong, but still good in it’s own right!

    This is a FANTASTIC update!

  • Is the Zelda Trainer (Dekusaur , Squoron, and Valoorizard) to follow this? maybe….

  • Awesome, but it is really pink.

  • ^ lol.

    For the record, Krakensaur has since been updated by getting rid of the eyes and access shapes on his body… Still trying to find a way of making him a tad more Kraken-ish, though.

  • Please make dedede trainer I bet people would like it check teen robots deviart for it

  • I really loved the pic where chimara-zard was about to eat lucas’s head!!!

  • I guess this makes nine dopplegangers so far. In case you guys didn’t see the list when I noted Wolf McCloud, here it is again:
    Lucess (Ness-Styled Lucas)
    Necas (Lucas-Styled Ness)
    Muigi (Mario-Styled Luigi)
    Wuigi (Wario-Styled Luigi)
    Fox O’Donnel (Wolf-Styled Fox)
    Pokéness (Red-Styled Ness, made by Dhragen)
    Lario (Luigi-Styled Mario)
    Wolf McCloud (Fox-Styled Wolf)
    Ness Trainer (Ness-Styled Red, made by S)

    All others were made by Androu, but Pokéness and Ness Trainer are counterparts, so they’re on the list, too. Anyways, I think I like Chimerazard the best. The Starman and Kraken look-alikes don’t really fit. Them again, I’ve never played E0, so I can’t really say anything on authenticity. Either way, keep it up, you guys!

  • Ultimate Charizard is messed up :p

    EPIC. As a fan of the MOTHER series, this has to be in my top 5 favorite textures yet.

  • The Kraken isn’t from MOTHER. It’s from EarthBound.

  • I must say I love Mother Trainer and the Charmera. 😀 The StarSquirt Jr. is pretty good, but the Kraken’s kind of… meh.

    @Cahse – Earthbound = Mother 2

  • Yay! More Earthbound stuff. But still no Earthbound on VC. We need to sick Chimerazard on Reggie.

  • “Artist
    January 24, 2009 at 5:53 am
    Is the Zelda Trainer (Dekusaur , Squoron, and Valoorizard) to follow this? maybe….”

    NO! it has to be MAJORA trainer, because they gotta keep the ‘M’ sequence going on.

  • Epic…..WIN. I love all of them. My fav is Chamera and PT

  • Win. Just win.

    You respect Nintendo’s greatest series. Good.

  • Chimaera Charizard= Epic

  • DA NA NAH! You obtained the internet

  • ”….OTHER series starting with an M it’s highlight in Trainer form.” so, you’re going to take my idea of a Megaman trainer?

  • @Hacking Ideas: what

  • 1. Never heard of you.
    2. Nintendo doesn’t make Megaman.
    A taaaaad out of context here.

  • charmandersbiggestfanever!

    pyrotrainer will come topic name ideas -FIYAH or BURNIN RING OF FIRE!!!

  • “Giygas’ battle sprite in Mother vaguely resembles the Pokémon Mewtwo, most significantly its battle sprite in the series’ Yellow version. Of note, a number of developers behind the “Mother” later went on to develop ‘Pokémon'”

    lolyay, proof that this update makes sense.

  • PZT: wait, so you don’t EVER read the suggestions page????

  • …I guess the Starman Jr. is kinda good.

    I woulda made it grey for EB, sense more people would recognize it.

    And maybe have made Ivy’s flower yellow and him Pink for ULTIMATE CHIMERA OF DOOM.

    But I like the Charizard ULTIMATE CHIMERA OF DEATH as well.

    and I know I said different of’s both times.

  • Any chance of showing the revamped versions? S showed them off on Kitty Kat Corps. forum. The Kraken now looks sooo much better.

  • Charmandersbiggestfanever

    M sequence eh… how about Magma trainer not pyro team Magma trainer= epic
    ps ivysaur is nothing but extra pink but the rest are kool

  • shouldsove made squirtle and ivysaur into chimeras as well, cause charizard is win

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