This update reeks of Slowpoketail.

“No kid, don’t look behind that poster…****!”

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  • Nice.

    To all first-fags,


  • I love how you took no effort to caption those pictures D:

    Anyway, great costume.

  • Very nice. Perhaps a Jesse and James variant could be attained as well.

  • Kwlios

  • Last pic: We’re blasting off again!

  • Team rocket Grunt for the win.

    …is it just me, or is Luigi getting a lot of “evil” costumes? XD And is it fitting him very well?

  • PZT why

    Why did you defame the video games and this hack with the total -censored- that is the Pokémon anime


  • This is awesome

  • whem will we see james

  • I prefer to think of him as one of the grunts from the Pokemon Special manga series, which completely kicks the crap out of the Pokemon anime.

  • That it does, CyberLink.

    …you’re talkin’ about the one with Red and Blue and the such, right?

  • Jesus Christ, Bird Person! Every update you act like a jack@$$!
    The Anime was great BACK THEN; NOW it is crap. Since he referenced the good ol’ days, PZT is full of win.

  • C.Olimar788: I am enjoying this Dark stage that Luigi apparently seems to be going through. Fits his “overshadowed” personality perfectly.

    I thought C. Falcon would’ve fit this more, but Rocket Grunt Luigi is fine. The shoes should be white though, reminescent of the white boots Rockets wore.

  • Yuiitusin: Excuse me?

    Also no the anime was never good. Ash never won battles traditionally and never earned his badges (he saved the gyms from burning down and got them for free, every time), and it was overall extremely predictable and repetitive.

  • Mamma luigi is blasting off agaaaain! *twinkle

  • Would use/10

  • LOLOLOLOLOL Team Rocket. Is this a random team rocket grunt or what?

  • Basing an idea off of something that someone else said, you should make a second Grunt costume for Captain Falcon, since IIRC there were a few different types of Rocket Grunts in the game.

    Did I mention that Luigi and CF are 2 of my 3 main characters?

  • @GoldenYuiitusin- And usually he’s making fun of PZT which is fine by me =)


  • Erm, this is from the Pokemon games. This is what Rocket Grunts look like in the games. Hence why the title is a reference to GSC. Which, by the way, I took as it being a Pikachu Slowpoke hack. Which would be pwnsome!

    Anyway, great hack. Another I didn’t ever think of, let alone think would work.

  • Oh. I see now. The captions are from the anime. Well, disregard that. >_>

  • Omg! I love this one! Rocket Grunts are mad! xD

  • Bird Person: Well lets see, in this one you acted pissy over PZT using the anime Rocket Motto, the Pappychu update, you called out the people that said the Pikachu in Brawl is the Pichu of Melee just because the two mice had different eye color, and……well I guess that’s it that I can look back at.
    Sorry about overreacting…I had a LOOOOOOOOOONG day…..Still think your Tuxedo Series is awesome, if that lightens the mood….

    What were YOU watching?!? He DID win matches traditionally, and STILL does! The ONLY time he saved a gym from a fire was Celadon City for his Rainbow Badge (he had to sneak in anyway because they wouldn’t let him in because he hated perfume). I think you need to get your facts straight before you say something sucks.

    It WAS predictable, but never repetitive. Go to for the information on the anime you lack.

  • Never repetitive? C’mon, you always know what’s going to happen. Ash meets some person and their Pokémon with some problem and the problem is about to be solved when BOOM Team Rocket shows up and defeating them results in the problem being solved. Happies, farewells, To Be Continued.

    And of course I was exaggerating when I said he never wins, but he’s been at this for how long now? And every region we start over and some nub is able to call himself or herself his rival? Experience, what is that?

    But I guess I’m most annoyed that people mistakenly call RED Ash and BLUE Gary. The strikingly similar voice for RED in Brawl does not help.

    I wasn’t angry or trying to be aggressive when I said Pichu wasn’t Pikachu (or now with this anime issue). I just presented some evidence to back up my opinion (and then that got debunked, to my surprise). I stand by it though.

  • I respect your opinion.
    Ok…I was wrong. the old episodes were repetitive, but as they went on they became less repetitive, then more, then less, in a never-ending cycle.

    What is stupid though, is his Pikachu should be INVINCIBLE by now, but they pick size over battle experience….

    Meh, I’ve always called the Trainer Red, even in Brawl. The voice, surprisingly, does not sound similar IMO.

    Sorry for making assumptions, like I said earlier, I had a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG day, and I need to get some shut-eye.

  • Yep, but I was referring more to people who don’t play video games and get the name wrong in an unsuccessful attempt to sound smart–or so it seems, when you know they’re just patronizing you. I call Brawl’s “Pokémon Trainer” RED also because that’s his name (and I usually put it in all caps like that as a nod to the NOUNs in the games), it’s far less syllable-y, and people usually get what I’m talking about.

  • Nice one! I even know what that is too. Team Rocket!!!

  • Yes, me too. I usually just refer to him as PT or The Trainer, as no one seems to understand why I call him Red.
    Seems to me, the only Trainers with colors are Red, Blue, and Green (Female Trainer).
    (No one knows the names of GSC Trainers, The RSE Trainers are May and Brendan, and the DPP Trainers are Dawn and Lucas.)

  • woah. Luigi joining team rocket. didnt see that coming.

  • To protect the world from devestation

  • @Yuiitusin:
    The male hero in GSC is called Gold, the rival Silver (could be the other way around) and the female is called Crystal.

  • Many people say that, but I have no reason to believe it.
    I mean IN GAME, like when you fight Red and Blue in GSC (which would make the Female Trainer from FR/LG Green by default.), and when May/Brendan is your rival in RSE, and Dawn/Lucas being one of your rivals in DPP.
    Never in the game is it revealed their true name. (Manga calls them by Gold, Silver, and Crystal, but it calls refers to May as Sapphire and Brendan as “Ruby” same with Lucas and Dawn.
    I call “Gold” Jimmy and “Crystal” Marina, after the Pokemon Chronicles episode. As for “Silver”, I call him Johnny, since Giovanni is his father, and Giovanni is Johnny in Italian.

  • Sweet, the Grunt from G/S/C.I always called the brawl trainer….”Pokemon Trainer”. I see NO resemblece between him and Red/Ash. Also, the voices don’t match AT ALL!…And now because of Golden Yuiitusin I want Lucas tuned into the rival in DPP. (They hjave the same names, and clothes look simliar already, just change the colors and eyes and stuff)

  • GoldenYuiitusin

    Sorry, Wkid8, but Lucas is the male trainer of D/P/P, not the rival.
    And Pokemon Trainer IS Red, as Red was the main character of R/B/Y/G/FR/LG, and the Pokemon Master in G/S/C.

  • Pokemon Trainer is Red as he appears in FR/LG. I have a figure of him that looks JUST LIKE THE BRAWL TRAINER, and you know what the name on the bottom of the figure is? Red.

  • I don’t think he’s Red or Ash. He’s just a standard Pokemon Trainer who happens to resemble them.

    Just like Pikachu in the games isn’t the most popular interpretation of the character from the anime.

    They’re different characters and should be viewed as such. When you say Red, I think of the trainer from the original games. When you say Ash, I think of the trainer from the anime. And when you say Pokemon Trainer, it’s this Brawl version.

    Why is there a huge debate going on about something that doesn’t matter?

    And also, the Pokemon anime was awesome. There was a reason Ash lost all the time at the start. It was to show progression in the series. If he started out awesome and won every fight, he would be too good. But if he lost every fight then it wouldn’t be fun to watch, hence why Team Rocket shows up to get their asses kicked.

    As for not beating the Gym leaders? That’s only true when he enters the gym at first. It’s like this: he goes in, gets beat, trains or learns a life lesson, and then emerges victorious. It would be boring as hell if he won every fight…THAT would be predictable.

  • Teh treinerz neam iz Sash Ketchup!

  • Does it really matter what his name is, does it?

  • @TK 421
    I did it for teh lolz

  • GoldenYuiitusin

    Psytrese, the Brawl Trainer IS Red. You forget that FR/LG is a REMAKE of R/B, and the trainer in that game is named Red, according to G/S/C, so Red is in FR/LG and in Brawl.

  • I’m not forgetting anything. They’re alternate interpretations of the characters.

    When was Kirby able to inhale Meta-Knight or Dedede? When did Mario use the cape powerup to swipe away attacks? When did Ness learn PSI Magnet, PK Fire, or PK Thunder?

    They’re different characters and should be viewed as such. Sure they’re BASED on the standard characters from the worlds, but they aren’t actually them.

    Physically, they’re trophies of famous charactes duking it out. That alone says more than I could. It’s a metaphor for their existences.

  • the dawn of pokemon has come

  • The PT is whoever you want him to be IMO, you liked the anime, call him Ash, you like games, all him Red, call him PT, call him Pokemon Trainer, if you ask me he just represents all Pokemon trainers and they HAPPENED to pick Red for hi s appearance. But whateves.

  • So simple, but so cool.

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