Monthly Archive for August, 2011

Classic Stage Editor

This is a Java program I made yesterday to edit which stages appear in Classic Mode. To be honest, I’m kind of proud of it, especially since I made it in just one day!
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Chibi-Robo Living Room

I’ve updated my Chibi-Robo stage from last month, and I’ve also added two new versions.
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Castle II: 2 Castles: Castle Harder

A second stage from me. It’s Bowser’s Castle this time, as it was in Paper Mario 1. The only way to top Osohe Castle as a stage set inside a castle was to make a stage set in front of a castle and on top of a castle at the same time. Boo-yah, mothafuckas.
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All you can eat free-form breakfast explosion!

I’m libertyernie. I usually make stages, but I wanted to introduce myself with something nice and simple. It’s Beast Boy from Teen Titans, as a texture hack for Toon Link.

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TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN – message to all staff members. TO THE PUBLIC – tryouts are open again.

So, tryouts for the team are back open. Go to the IRC if you’re interested. Stay there since some of us are accustomed to idling and it may take a while to see.

Our glorious motherland has been on a downward slide recently. We’re the longest living site, we’ve done everything, but you wouldn’t be able to tell from the way things look right now.

If you want to see new hacks, look below this post. I’m making this post public because we have a commitment to the public and I think transparency is an important thing to have.

I think we may need to revamp the way we conduct operations around here, or better yet, reverse them. See after the jump.

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New Member Here!

Hello everybody. I’m Triforce Zelda, formerly know as Super Zelda. You might know me from the Kitty Corp forums, which I left yesterday.
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3 years!

3 years of Stack Smash, I think, as of today. We’re still kickin’ it old school.
I was *going* to post something today, but I don’t think it’s really finished, so if one of you team-members want to pick up the slack for me, you can go ahead. As for me, I’ll just get back to work.
…How sad is it when I begin to look productive?

Snoopy V2 and vertexing Pikmin tutorial *edit*

now includes high quality textures, courtesy of MANSTA8!

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I appeared.

Yeah, PAVGN asked me to join, and I did.
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Don’t you recognize him?

This hack may seem simple, but I had a lot of problems with It. I’ll get into that in a minute, but first here’s Todd in the Shadows!

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