CAAAAAANDYYYYY (and a bonus)

Little does Speed know that Racer X is actually his older brother, Rex Racer, who ran away many years ago.

But fully does Speed know that Spritle and Chim-Chim are actually his little brother and pet monkey, who hid in the trunk of the Mach 5 many seconds ago. Ohhh!

Now, about this “bonus…” Show of hands: do you absolutely hate that Mario, our hero who runs and jumps across fields and pits of fire shouting “Yeah! Yahoo! Waha!” and stuff like that is, in Brawl, portrayed with a stone face with a cold, angry frown? For the third set of pictures, I present: Real Mario.

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  • Um… uh-oh. I might have just deleted Spritle forever.


  • I’m in Candyland! And, what’s up with the other Mario? He’s not a texture hack.

  • All I did was change his mouth so instead of the >:[ Mario Brawl usually has, it’s more like a >:] Mario. But it’s not an evil >:], it’s a triumphant, heroic one. You kinda have to get close to see it:

    Say “colon right parenthesis,” Mario.

    But yes, I realize it’s an extremely basic edit and to say I deserve more than an “all right” on it would be a lie. Still wanted to do it, still did it, that’s why it’s a bonus and not a bigger deal than it actually is.

  • Anyway yeah, looks like I accidentally sent Spritle Ness to oblivion, no way to retrieve him. Whoops. Oh well. He sucked anyway and no one was gonna want to use him.

  • purplecatgowoof

    There’s a really good real Mario in the forums by Wii, too bad about your Ness though, I hate it when something like that happens. I’m really liking the Diddy one as well.

  • can you link me to tose forums

  • purplecatgowoof

    Brawl Hacking Community Forum
    On the sidebar on the right

  • Damn straight with Mario, BP, nice one.
    Sakurai had to go and seriousify every character in the game. Even Toon Link, the happy-go-lucky heroic child we all loved because of his carefree personality and sporadic facial expressions, was made angry and pissed off at everyone. What.

  • Mario & Sonic Guy

    Strange. I hardly see any difference between the two Marios.

  • Mario & Sonic Guy


    It must’ve stunk to accidentally delete a texture that you’ve just hosted.

    Note to self. Consider uploading the texture first BEFORE hosting it. Also, you don’t always have to rely on Stack Smash to upload things; the Amy Peach download is from if you didn’t notice it by now.

  • shitty mario texture is shitty .___. but the speed racer ones r cool though

  • The Mario one looks the exact same…

  • Mario’s smiling again! BP, you’re a genius!

    The Ness was OK, but the Diddy was pretty good, considering it couldn’t have been very easy.

  • Your Wrong BP I would have used Spritle Ness.
    Still Good job Un-seriousing Mario.
    Please do Toon Link Next it makes me sad how he onlysmiles in his taunts. 🙁

  • LegendOfNikkonolasco

    …I want Spritle…


  • GoldenYuiitusin

    You should change the eyebrows and make the smile even MORE Smiley to pull Mario off.
    To me, it seems the only ones in Brawl that look happy are Wario and especially Dedede. It seems that Dedede is having the time of his life!!!

  • Great textures BP! It sucks you accidentally deleted Spritle though. I say everyone should take Mario & Sonic Guy’s advice and upload your textures BEFORE hosting them.

  • What happened was, I was uploading the RARs with Chim-Chim and Real Mario, and Spritle was also in the queue. I did a few rearrangements with things (I wasn’t intending to keep using Spritle in my game) and in the process, deleted him off my SD card.

    Turns out my connection was going even slower than usual, and when I checked FileZilla it said that the source for Spritle.rar couldn’t be found. I tried ctrl+Z-ing, checked the recycle bin (but, from external devices, my computer just plain deletes with no formalities), scoured my computer for _new.pac/pcs files that might’ve been him, but nope. Shoot.

    He wasn’t hard to make (he’s almost a plain Ness recolor I threw together to match Chim-Chim, which I made in the first place because we only have one other Diddy Kong) so I guess later on I’ll take some time and redo him… Not today… not tomorrow… not the next day… but someday. Sorry guys.

  • Yay, Mario! Too bad I’ve made a REAL real Mario that hasn’t been released yet… mwahahaha!

  • the real mario would be better if the colors were like GC mario color 🙁

  • Uh….Sped Racer textures? Okay, that makes sense but I just see two Mario’s. The REAL Mario is from Donkey Kong.

  • BirdPerson, why don’t you use any recovery programs to recover your file? I often do so when I lose a file by mistake.

    Nice textures, by the way.

  • @DarkKirby
    SHHHHH!!! Say no more! The walls have ears!

  • By the way Captain Jim, I’ve slapped your Mario’s smile onto my new Mario texture and my new Luigi texture, are you okay with that? Everybody deserves a smile!

  • Jim didn’t make these, bro. I did. And, sure, go right ahead.

  • They Made The Characters Angry Because… Well… Why Do You Think They Called The Game Super “Smash” Bros? Making The Characters Happy Would Put The Game Out Of Style. & Saying That DDD & Wario Are The Only Happy Characters? No! They’re Villians For Goodness Sakes! Of Course They’re Angry! That’s Why The Game Was Call Super “SMASH” Bros! Geez, Guys! Are You REALLY That Stupid?!?! SERIOUSLY?!?!

  • @BirdPerson

    Did you read my comment? I think you skipped it XD.

    @Spore Boy

    Dude, calm the fuck down. He just prefers Mario when he’s happy, and he made it possible.

  • Cool speed racer textures, i remember when i used to watch it on tv, i love them.

    The mario texture looks exactly the same , even up close.

  • Spore Boy: Tell Ness, King Dedede, Falco, Luigi or any of the other thirty-five people in the game whose demeanor matches that of their characters.

    In other words,

  • @Spore Boy: Dude, I got two things to say to you:

    1. Calm the hell down. Take a pill or something, dude.

    2. You don’t have to start every word in capitals, ya know.

  • BirdPerson? Are you doing it on purpose? XD.

    You only see the comments after mine..o.o

  • Nah, I did, but the answer is “nope.”

    Unfortunate, but whatever.

  • Wait, what? “Nope”?

    You can recover any file that was deleted from an SD Card / USB Stick or Recycle Bin.

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  • ^lol

    anyway awesome mario. sorry bout spritle tho. maybe hell find my gamecube controller in Oblivion xD

  • He’s Also An Imposter Because He’s 1 Of The Million People On Stack Smash That Have Never Heard Of The Game, Spore.

  • & Also Because I Always Censor My Foul Language.

  • OK. Sorry If I Offended You, Bird Person. But Everyone In Brawl Seems To Be Having The Times Of Their Lives. Why? DUH! It’s Super Smash Bros! Everybody Is Happy & Elated As They Fight For Their Lives! A Thrilling Excitement As They Adventure Though The Super Smash Bros World To Stop An Evil Demonic Bestial Hologram Known As Tabuu!

  • LegendOfNikkonolasco

    …When are we getting Spritle back? D=


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