This revamp reaches the stars!!

Well guys, it’s time for another revamped texture, this time, as promised, for Geno, my favorite texture from Androu1, and a really well done one.

He’s now like a collaborative texture. While Androu made the wood  brighter and retouched the armor, Ii offered my help fixing and improving the eyes, and fixing his mouth. We hope that you like this revamp like me,  specially because I now know how TL eyes and mouth works 😛

2 Responses to “This revamp reaches the stars!!”

  • If someone made Geno as regular Link, I would lol xD

  • Hey do you think you can recolor geno’s outfit to be black and red or red and some other color…(that would be awesome even thought this texture is already awesome i just like red and black).^^

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