Monthly Archive for December, 2011

A young man stands in his bedroom

John Egbert’s room is now playable in Brawl!

You can download the stage from BrawlVault (includes SSPs.) You can also get six BRSTM music tracks from Homestuck Vol 1-4 from here (you can buy the album here.)

Jungle destination

FD wi-fi safe with a new background. not a new stage,

just moving it from brawl vault to here.

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Rosalina import, and other updates to my stuff

Rosalina, Hydra, Waddle Dee update, and an ACer update. yay for lots of stuff at once.

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Measurement grid stage

Just a short post today, to keep the updates going.

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Isn’t he a bit young for an assassin?

MANSTA8 here, with a good old fashioned texture.
Assassin Toon Link, based off of the Assassin’s Creed games.

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Model Imports

so I finally got the whole model import process down. I think they turned out rather well.

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