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this one’s the final one I swear..

by the way, can anyone help me with vertex hacking? I want to make Black Shadow HAVE HORNS.


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Team Magma Version 3

No fancy titles here, just a texture.
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I’ve boarded the Sack bandwagon

Sackboy texture hacks seem to be popular so I decided to make my own “Sack” texture hack. But not a Sackboy…

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Another Old Texture.

It’s yet another texture that wasn’t released when it was made, for some reason.

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Recently I beat Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story, So I’m going to start making M&L: BIS related texture hacks. My first one, As If you don’t already know, Is Fawful. Who did I make him on?

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some QUOTE progress

I thought it’d be good if I posted a preview for Quote’s body-A texture, just to see if you guys approved of the direction he’s going in or not. Critique is very appreciated >:U

I’m probably going to port TL’s .rel file over to Sonic too, by the way. It’s mainly better because Quote would be grouped into the third party section on the CSS, which I think would be awesome. (who would want to replace toon link anyway?)

Kingdom Hearts Luigi

yes, i know pako already made one.

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It’s-a Me…Meta Knight!

After spending a few weeks working on this, I now proudly present to you what I consider to me my greatest work yet!

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How could they let YOU on the team?!

Hello, It’s me PAVGN mighty hacker. You’re probably wondering what I am doing here. Well I’ve joined Stack Smash to help them out in their time of need, And PZT was nice enough to let me join. I’m not the best at texture hacking but I’m getting better, And I have a lot of good ideas, Some of which I feel will fit in well with this place. Anyway, Since I’m new here, I’ve decided to show my favorites of my texture hacks. Continue reading ‘How could they let YOU on the team?!’