Hey people! We are gonna throw pills with fire down your throat tonight! It seems Dr.Mario and Roy have come back AGAIN. They just weren’t too happy with their older looks.

First off, Roy with his even more awesome looks and a EPIC cape (can’t thank Bird Person enough for that). And guess what? NO WEIRD GREEN ON HIS HAIR NOW!

Anyway, Plumbing Dr.Mario also REJOINS the Brawl. With awesomer overall…things that just make him awesome. He also uses pills to put his whole outfit together nicely.

Anyway, screw talking, I got pics.

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  • Woo. That cape is AWESOME.

  • The new roy is epic win. Don’t see much different in Dr.Mario though.

  • I lol at luigiman1928

  • @luigiman


    Btw, that Roy kicks ass.

  • First to be fifth.
    Edit: Androu wrote this update but it says I did because I edited it because the Dr. Mario pictures were ordered inversely.

  • Roy = Awesome.

    That is all.

    He is better now and I don’t know why. he looks more like ike now which I don’t like.
    And dr.mario isn’t dr.mario without the cape.But that’s is as close as it’s gonna get right?

  • Stack Smash…………. I Love YOU!!!!!!

  • Roy owns. Dr Mario owns. SS owns. Owned owned owned.

  • Awesome. But I was looking forward to seeing Dr. Mario’s pills. >_<

  • …Well, that Roy is just Fucking amazing.

    yeah, I don’t swear that much so… consider it like… I’m speechless, or something.

  • Interesting indeed.

  • Haha, someone put a code to make luigiman’s post be made in 2021 so he’s auto-last XD

  • Woah, sorry for the tripple post-ness, but since it’s such a late date, it’s gonna stay on the “Recent Comments” area for a good long time.

  • You said you’d make the Roy revamp virtually perfect, and you did just that. Very well done.

  • Oh, and I love how ya’ll put luigiman1928 last even though he was really first. Hilarious. Keep doing that.

  • Inb4luigiman

  • Congratulations on removing the green from “roy’s” hair.

  • That is a sweet Roy. The cape looks amazing. And also I can see a bit of difference in Dr. Mario but not much. It still looks cool though. I’m just glad Roy and Dr. Mario were done no matter how they looked because they were my mains in Melee.

  • Yeah, the Dr.Mario revamp is a minor edit. Some stuff on him bugged me…so, I did some minor tweaking to him. Glad you all like the Roy and his epic cape πŸ˜€

    They ARE my Melee mains, btw.

  • roy and dr mario kick ass even more than b4. nao mah melee main (roy) and person-who-i-wuz-pretty-good-at-so-i-played-az-him character (dr Mario) IZ IN BRAWL@!!!!!!!

  • Seems like lots of peoples melee mains are Roy and Dr. Mario

  • epic…’nuff said….HEY NO WOUNDS THIS TI-*Dr. Mario begins attempting to shove piils down my throat*

  • Still no transparencies on Dr. Mario’s hat? o-o Is it not possible to do that?

    Also, Roy’s cape looks too fucking awesome. Try to tone it down a bit so my brain won’t explode from win.

  • Yay, nice revamps.

    BTW, Roy was my main in Melee as well, but don’t expect me to use Rike in BRawl, because I suck as Ike. >_>

  • This is fucking kickass.

  • Loving the cape on Roy, but I agree that he looks a lot less Roy-y as a result of the twinkering.

    You need to get some shots of the fire pills to give us a look, and also hex in a white cape. Obviously it can’t stay, but at least give us a look. Make him look more Doctorish. πŸ˜€

  • Not bad! I especially like Roy, although I seem to recall him having yellow markings on his headband. I’m not sure what it was exactly, but I’m kinda using Melee as a reference, so if he doesn’t have that in his game, then nevermind about that. Anyways, keep it up, guys!

  • Hopefully we’ll get alternate customes of them as well. Gold Roy is my boy. And black doc is a big….wait….

  • Hey guys, so I have a question for you. I have told a few of my friends about you guys and they seem interested in your work. I was wondering if you would grant me permission to take images from your site, and post them onto Facebook so that my friends can see them and possibly, eventually, start coming to this actual site.

    Will you guys allow me to pose some of your work onto Facebook? Full credit will be given.

  • Oh and, nice revamp on Dr. Mario and Roy. Love it, especially Roy.

  • Roy = most amazing eye candy ever
    Dr. Mario = very nice, big improvement from the 1st
    Good job πŸ™‚

  • FIRE PILLS?!! YUM!!!

  • The Z-Man, as long as you give full credit, it’s all fine πŸ˜€

  • Awesome Roy

    Dr. Mario is also awesome but to make him more awesome is there any way to make his shirt/overalls look like a jacket and his hat transparent?

  • Thank you Androu 1. I’m sure that my many friends on there will enjoy your work.

  • @blood- you…are…nasteh.

    Anyways, I don’t like the new roy as much as the other one because this one is less melee-ish. He just looks like another Ike. Nice job on the cape, but i’m not sure of it’s reference because I’ve never played fire emblem so I wouldn’t know. I really don’t see the change on Dr. Mario but watever, still pwns.

  • Lol, I like how luigiman is gonna be last forever. Also, fucking awesome Roy guys, fucking awesome. Awesome Dr. Mario too.

  • Roy…

    … THANK YOU!!! πŸ˜€

  • can you use transparencies on the hat to create more of a dr band?

  • FIRST!!!! YES FINALLY!!!:)

  • Oh… whoa. That Roy. He’s like, perfect. It like the only difference is that he looks older, but it’s just… couldn’t be done better πŸ˜›

  • Com’n Ike is way better than Roy! Accept It!!!!

  • Could make the emblem on the top of the hat into a head mirror like he used to have

  • i think it would be better if u made him out of marth. after all roy’s moves are almost identical to marth’s. still, good job.

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