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Sony Computer Entertainment America presents…

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Jagi… Damn… What a waste.

Fist of the north star update.

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Update (a bridged version)

I stylized Bridge of Eldin. More spotty grass, more spotty rocks, fewer blinding sunsets.

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GFs from past and future

Familiar with the comics? Familiar with the Sonic cartoons? Then you may know Sonic’s ex-girlfriend, Sally Acorn.

Not only she joins the fray! Amy Rose, a woman determined to have Sonic to be her sex-slave husband, enters the Brawl!

Be on your toes, Sonic. The women are after you!

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< ^ >, < ^ >…

I firmly believe that Link, Zelda, the other Links and, to a lesser extent, Ganondorf are amalgams of their characters in the Zelda series across most or all games. In other words, Link stands for every Link, Zelda stands for every Zelda, Young Link and Toon Link stand specifically for the youthful incarnations of Links, and… er, well, Ganondorf is only one man to begin with, not counting the timeline split.

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Keep your nose out of grown-up matters…

Or experience a world of pain!

Watch out, trainers, ’cause Giovanni is BACK.

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Why so serious?

Fitartifex did it, but I disliked theirs, so I made my own.

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The Green Blur graces your Brawl!

From an alternate universe hails a mysterious green hedgehog. Feeling he’s a prisoner in his own, distorted world, the hedgehog plans on trading places with a doppelg√§nger from another world. In order to do this, he requires the Power of Debug, a power that reshapes the very fabric of time and space.

Having acuired the Power of Debug and succesfully met the requirements, the hedgehog managed to trade places with Sonic. Being almost an exact duplicate, Tails didn’t notice the switcheroo.

Now that Sonic is no longer in His World, we now rely on the mysterious green hedgehog to save South Island from Dr. Robotnik:

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We know you love swirly things, fat cakes. So here’s something swirly!

Pure damn swirly evilness right here, bro.

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A “Special” Update, with Cookies!!!

So I has a slightly important speech-a-ma-jiggy to tell y’all.

I may HAVE to leave StackSmash soon enough (not that anyone cares XD) for personal reasons, and well, I’m pretty much inactive anyway, and I’m also gonna be away for some time due to personal events (some may know about this >_<) so uh, yeah sorry about that.

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