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The one winged angel…

White hair flowing in the wind…sunken green eyes, surveying the world that will fall…

Black trenchcoat rustling softly…his hand resting softly on the handle of the legendary Masamune…

Has the Final Fantasy franchise seen a villain greater than Sephiroth?

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I need an invisible woman.

An undead one.

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Waluigi, Waluigi…

Ah, yes, Waluigi. Wario noticed he didn’t have someone to parallel Luigi for him, so, he decided to “acquire”  a thin slave from the slums of Sarasaland for the upcoming tennis tourney and later ventures in crime. Like racing go-karts. Waluigi, up until now, had been sneaking food from Wario. Wario found out being the handsome entrepeneur he is that 75% of his food was missing. As a punishment, Wario decided to stop feeding Waluigi. Now all the food he has is some rotten tacos from the taco stand Wario forces him to run out of his chambers. This resulted in Waluigi going from the portly Fat Waluigi made by BirdPerson to this thin and more accurate Waluigi made by S.  So crotch-chop for a new Waluigi hack. Crotch-chop now! (am I good at creative origin stories or what)

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Climb to the top of the highest skyscraper you can find, and don’t forget to swat away airplanes, because KING KONG JOINS THE BRAWL!

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WELCOME TO THREED. Enjoy your stay, and don’t let the zombies eat your brains on the way out!

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Today’s update is a goblin. A worthless, ordinary, run-of-the-mill goblin.  Seeing as we love to dwell in the odd recesses of nerd culture, you may think this guy is from some forgotten Tolkien manuscript or some 67-copy japan-only print run GBC game you’ve never heard of. But alas, he is just a goblin. A goblin with no name. A goblin with no past, present, or future. That isn’t to say he’s a non-powerful goblin. This goblin has psychic powers. And…midget and generic powers. Sorry goblin, but I’m just telling it like it is. Nicktendo did a good job of transcribing this little fantasy creature into texture form, so guess that counts for something. No amount of detail will make the goblin less generic though. But surely, I have gotten my point across. Now without further adieu, the pics which you love to feast on. Fill your belly with these JPGs!

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Chaos from the roots…

It was midnight. The moon was full. It has been a year since the experiments done by Dr. Eggman and Sonic’s Werehog incident. Though he thought all was well when he recieved the antidote, things changed. Sonic’s speed became faster, he became more vicious. He would black out at times, and wake up not knowing where he was. He decided to end this and find Eggman.

He tracked down Eggman and confronted him. “Hey Eggman, what have you done? Why am I like this?” exclaimed Sonic. “There’s nothing wrong with you, Sonic. The antidote you got, wasn’t an antidote. It was a new serum I had been working on, and I knew that you would be the perfect specimen to try it on.” explained Eggman. Sonic stood shocked, his heartbeat heightened, he clenched his chest. “Hmm….it seems that the serum isnt agreeing with you…” Eggman said in the most monoton voice. “You’re a madman…..a…a madman…..”; Sonic collapsed to the ground, dead. Eggman shook his head and walked over to the defeated Sonic. “This isnt what was supposed to happen…” said Eggman. Suddenly Sonic’s eyes open, only now they were blood red. “You’re right”, whispered Sonic. “This wasnt.” Immediately, Sonic jumped up, then he tackled Eggman to the ground and began punching him in the face. “I’ll never forgive you for this Eggman!” screamed Sonic. “I dont care'” chuckled Eggman. “Kill me if you want, but the serum has changed you….you lust for more now…..more blood and death…….this is my victory…….and your demise.” Sonic, enraged by the doctor’s words maliced him until there was nothing left but a pulp. When Sonic got up, his fur had grown darker, yet he was not his Werehog form. He was stronger, more vile, and hungered for more…
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A prince from a dark world comes.

It’s Prince X, called X because noone knows his true name, and because he has X shapes on his clothes and shield. He hails from a dark world. A world full of violence.

He was almost killed by an traitor, but he managed to escape into our world. He kills you (or knocks you the stage, rather. For SSBB’s sake) and then proceeds to feed over your soul. That’s the only way he can stay in this world. That’s the only way he can stay alive.

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Site is back up! Oh and STAGE UPDATE: I didn’t know trees could get revenge.

The site is back. Sorry for making you all collectively empty your bowels. We’re not going anywhere.

And a weeeeeeird revenge tree. THAT’S PURPLE

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