What? Another member?? + DRN-004

You heard right, another person joins SS! You may have already seen some of my textures at the KC Forums now I’m here to bring you more. So you want too know more about me? I’m a barking feline from NZ. What else do you need to know? :p

I based this texture off Snipa5800’s one. Lots of people liked it but he never released it. So here I am to save the day. This took me about 3 weeks to complete, and I must say it looks a lot better than Snipa’s. Transparencies were a bitch too do so I really hope you guys enjoy this texture.

So for those who haven’t realized who it is yet, I present to you, Gutsman.

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  • Well I’m not really looking to join but I would like to add my characters to your download list so everyone else could use them. I have two so far that I’m very proud of. And since I’ve downloaded so many great textures from this site I thought I would try and add them here first so everyone else could enjoy them too.

  • Well to post your textures here you have to be on the team.
    I you want to show your textures off the best place would be the Kitty Corp forums – kittycorp.freecp.net/

    PM me there if you need more help setting up.

  • Ok thanks for your help. The link seems to be down right now but I will try back later. Until then I may try posting a few images of my textures on a youtube video to see what kind of feedback I receive.

  • We need a pic of Gutsman’s ass. DO IT.

  • ….GENIUS!!!

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