Revamps, Revamps, Revamps and SURPRISE!!!!!

Dhragen here again, yay!! πŸ˜€

Well, you already know that i am a extremly exagerated perfectionist in almost….well…EVERYTHING. So!…in all the time when Stack Smash was down i made NO TEXTURES!!! but, instead, i bring to you REVAMPS!! V3 revamp of 4 of my costumes, so, lest’s move to them…….

1. The first one is…..well, this isn’t a super ultra awesome change at all, just some tweaked stuff…and i must say this……BRAWLBOX IT’S AWESOME!!!_FINALLY SEMI TRANSPARENCY IN PALLETES, and with Palletes and Semi trans i mean VEGETA!!. Upgrated to v3, with scouter finally semi-transparent now he finally can see the power level of his opponents and help Nappa everytime he ask for it, hehe….

2. The other one is…Wa…wa..WASHI!!! (Boshi ). You can’t notice his changes at all, cause they are almost all fixes with the shading, the arm-body-legs-head connections, fixed hands, more detailed fingers-hands, more noticeable collar, and yeah, his egg now has BLUE DOTS!! :3

3. Actually today is a great day, because one year was passed since I, Dhragen, created my first of all my texture hack, and yeah, we are talking about SIGMA, and for celebrate it, he passed to the v3 too. Unlike the other 2 revamps, sigma got a completly new, and brutal change in color, design, and shine, stopping being a generic, typical color change, and now looking like a completly new character, more detailed, accurrate and streamlined like his real counterpart in “Maverick Hunter X” FOR THE PSP. Notice how his armor now shines in reflection just like Samus’s, πŸ˜›

4. And now, for the final Touch…..remmember my Ice Mages i created looooooooooong time ago??. Am awesome dude from Smashboards forums called “RandomTBush” (and he got most all the credits for it, without his help this was going to be impossible to be made) modified how the textures of the ice mages works in their models, and, with that…………..THEY DON’T SHARE FACES ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!! And, since i don’t liked the fact of how RTB recycled Nana’s default face for White Mage, i took the chance to revamp that duo (and fixing the FS eyes too, heh…)

PD: You know people, with that new ability to modify the textures of a model, a world of oportunities it’s open for us now…….

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  • FIRST!
    Is there a way to hack yoshi’s egg toss and egg lay? I’ve only seen people do his shield.

    Amazing revamps as always. Can’t wait to download ALL of them.

  • @Elef
    If you did that, it’d change all of Yoshi’s eggs.

    Dhragen, the Ice Mages look great now.

  • Well, I had kept the default texture for White Mage Nana, because I’m not the best texture artist, and I wanted you to make a new set for her. That’s all.

    But I’m glad that I helped out with the face-sharing problem. That Ice Mages skin of yours is the only other skin I use for the Ice Climbers (but not before I modified the UV mapping) — the other one being the Animal Fur Climbers by Cavan of Smash Enigmas.

    (Oh, and I also modified your Masked Man texture so that he always has the visor covering up his left eye. I’m pretty sure you’ll like it better that way.)

  • Wow, all of these are awesome! Can’t wait to download them.

  • Godly. Each and everyone one of them. I’m wondering how you fixed the face issue though…

    Wait. RandomTBush? I recall someone named RandomTalkingBush doing updating the Spriter’s Resource archives…

  • Is the download link up yet? Can’t find it on released content.

  • LegendOfNikkkonolasco

    I’ve been refusing to use the Ice Mages before with their shared faces, due to my nitpicking.

    Now, I want them. BAAAAD

  • Wow! Man, your textures are one of the best I’ve ever saw… XD
    Download link soon? =D

  • @shadowsquid86

    Yes, that’s me. I’m the only Random Talking Bush, as far as I know. πŸ˜›

  • RTB, join the IRC channel. The link is in the bar with The Team and the Hacks page and stuff. We have something to discuss.

  • @RTB: Ohh, yeah, i also saw the Masked Man one, and i am very, very thanked by that dude. Also, i want to take the chance and ask to you in name of all the team if you want to be part of Stack Smash as an Model Hacker (and as a texturer too if you want, :P). If you agree, you will be really, really helpful for us with our textures and stuff, what you think?? πŸ˜›

    Any desition you take, please let us know, we are almost always online in our irc chat at #stacksmashhacks channel

    We really hope that you can join us, we will wait your answer, πŸ˜›

    @everybody else: calm down people!, Vegeta v3 and Boshi v3 are already avaible for download, and for Sigma and Ice Mages, please wait a bit longer, i am currently making the CSP of them, so patience plz….;)

  • Haw, we both posted the invite for RTB at the same time. Subtlety isn’t your strong suit, Dhrag. πŸ˜›

  • @ Dhragen/PZT

    Well, I appreciate the recruitment offer, but I’m usually busy with other, more important things, so I don’t know if I’d be as active of a team member as you’d want me to be. However, if you guys do need help with modifying the UV mapping (and maybe vertex positions, once I figure those out) for a character, feel free to ask for my assistance, and I’ll get to working on it when I get some free time. πŸ™‚

  • So.. where’s the surprise? i only see revamps, revamps,revamps!

  • @ Weegee

    The surprise was the Ice Mages revamp, because that was more than just a texture edit. I had to do some modifications to their models so that they could have two different faces, because the Ice Climbers normally shared the same eye textures..

  • well people, The wait it’s over, i removed the older version of sigma and updated the new one with CSP included. as for the ice mages, i keep the original one (in case of problems, idk..) and updated the one with no face shared as IceMages_DifferentFaces, and yeah, with CSP included too, πŸ˜›

  • Yeah RTB, I’m currently wanting a swordless Ike if you could hook me up with that. I’ve tried to remove the sword, but all I’ve managed to do is make it levitate near him…

  • Beautiful! I think you’re my favorite texture maker Dhragen. These are even uploaded to the site in a timely fashion!

  • I can’t find words to accurately describe how much I approve of this update.

  • Well RTB, Y also have a petition for you, but it’s a secret, so, when you get free time, please go to our IRC channel and PM me, it’s something very important for me, you know…….hehe, πŸ˜›

  • Can someone PLEASE tell me how or where to put the CSP files in my SD card?? i have no idea…. PLEASE heellp i really really want these textures, but i don’t want them without their respectice CSPs, since it gets very confusing…. did I say please? (I hear it’s a magic word)

  • @LUIS you fail at life

  • Awesome job on the ice mages.

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