…surely you’ve seen the resemblance between Sonic and Dragon Ball Z.

The seven collectible items of great power…

The pointy, glowing yellow hair as you go into an “SS” mode…

Ugly people wanting you dead…




  • I’ll post the next texture if I get over 9000 replies…

  • Eh. Sonic’s FS is the only connection bewteen the two shows, and even so…is this supposed to resemble any DBZ character in particular? If so, this wasn’t thought all the way through. Definitely not a favorite.

  • It just doesn’t fit.

  • IT’S OVER NI-*shot*

  • Hyrulian_Royalty

    Hmm. Zack_Neji made a goku from lucario and a krillin from squirtle that looked good…sonic just don’t fit lol

  • well this isnt quite how i thought sonic-goku would look, but its a pretty decent job on it. i like it.

  • Knucklesthegreat

    I request BROLI/BROLY!
    Made from whomever you want!

  • That is funny

  • Gosonic isn’t as good as Gocario. Nice texture, though.

    Still hoping for a Saiyaman Falcon.

  • Interesting.

  • Oh god…. this is awesome >:B

    Here’s hoping you do a Buu Wario!!

  • sonic goku vs lucario goku NAO!!!

  • AH fuck. I can’t believe you’ve done this.

  • Epic. Although his spinning moves will be weakened because the balls are inert.

  • Its Son Goku! (That’s Goku’s real name) Wait, oh, Son-ic Goku. Sonic and Goku do sound a lot alike too. VICTORY to you.

  • Goku the Hedgehog…kind of an interesting concept there, Androu. I probably never would’ve thought of it myself, but that’s another story. If there’s going to be a battle today, then I’ve got a couple for you:

    Goku the Hedgehog Fersus Vegeta McCloud at either Spear Pillar or Final Destination
    Rocket Luigi Versus Pokéness at one of the Stadiums

    These are just suggestions, obviously, but Bluz hasn’t done any battles in a while, so I think it’s time for a new one.

  • Win… pure win. If Mewtwo was in the game, he could’ve been Frieza, since he already looks like him. Does Super Sonic have Goku’s clothes as well, or you guys haven’t done that yet.

  • anyone who says this is failz, YOU FAIL

  • Sonic Goku is win. XD

    It’s not like the Sonic series isn’t OBVIOUSLY inspired nowadays by the DB series. Chaos Emeralds = Dragon Balls, Super form = Super Saiyan, Shadow = Vegeta, and Silver = Trunks. Black Knight even implies Silver is Shadow’s son if you do the research. XD

  • C.Olimar788: A LOT is inspired somehow by the Dragon Ball series.

  • Vegeta Fox, what does the scouter say about his power level?

  • @C.Olimar788

    Shadow? Reproduced? Ohhh thats why Silver sucks, it all makes sense.
    But that still doesn’t explain why Silver has a giant silver weed plant on his forehead. =D

  • darkspine sonic

    MY FAV
    and not just cuz i suggested it

  • @Guest: IT’S OVER NINE– *shot by pzt*

  • lolnice

    Now do Xicor


  • Can’t say I didn’t see this coming, but it’s AWSOME.

  • Predictable yet awesome. Sonic’s way too based on DBZ not to see this one coming.

    -Dragon Balls = Chaos Emeralds. It’s not a coincidence there are seven and are usually important plot devices.
    -Super Saiyajin = Super Sonic. Blond, hair (spikes…whatever) stand on end, amazing power increase? The same.
    -Vegeta = Shadow. The evil turned rival who has the same race as the main character and similar powers yet is always lagging behind.
    -Trunks = Silver. The one from the future who came to the past because his future sucked ass. Also similar hair colour.

    Anyways, now I’ll have an even more obvious reason to yell like a madman when I use Sonic’s FS.

  • Eh, Sonic’s not based on Dragon Ball Z. As long as I know, Dragon Ball Z came some years after Dragon Ball Z. I may be wrong.

  • @Megaron

  • darkspine sonic

    I’m a Sonic fan and i admit it’s kinda based off DBZ
    Also DBZ was made in the 1980s in Japan
    And Sonic originated in 1991

  • darkspine sonic

    And what Super Yirbi says is true, maybe a lot of people havn’t noticed but if u look at some famous franchises A LOT of them were probably in some way influenced by Dragon Ball

  • THIS IS AS GOOD AS THE MOVIE (BTW, it sucked 😛 )

  • Lol. I see the resemblance. Brilliant

  • final smash pic?
    yep, i wanna know how transform final smash is, if textures are changed

  • ‘Hey, Eggman, what’s your robot saying about his chaos Emerald levels?’

  • What happens if he goes Super? Does it revert him to regular Super Sonic like all of the other costumes?

  • @Super Yirbi “Eh. Sonic’s FS is the only connection bewteen the two shows”.

    Not true, as well as what Blaze Dragon said in a reply above mine (all great points by the way) both Super Saiyans and Super Sonic are based on a Japanese legend of a powerful golden warrior.

  • I saw a Goku version of Lucario on brawlsnapshots.

  • How can I download it?


  • that looks like many things but not like goku

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