The Blood of War

Halloween is coming!!!! You know what that means…
Im gonna kill your family and bomb your house…
Actually, I meant lots and lots of blood….

Beyond the hills of Pemesia, there lies Blade’s kingdom. Blade is a ruthless dictator that destroys cities for power and strength. One day, Blade invaded Yiazmat’s country. Blade took over cities and killed a lot of people. Yiazmat immediately took action and invaded Blade’s Country and destroyed half the land. And so the battle began. It was fierce and violent. Every man put effort. All of Blade’s and Yiazmat’s army were obliterated but them two. To end it all, they both dueled each other on the bloody battlefield where their men died. Blade brought out his best weapon. Yiazmat brought out his fierce and powerful sword. It began. The battle was long. They would not stop until there was a winner. Blade with his agility and swiftness cut Yiazmat on the back. Yiazmat with his speed did the same. Both men were tired and they knew that this battle would soon end. Blade threw his sword at Yiazmat’s back killing him. Blade stands victorious but doesnt seem a winner. After Yiazmat’s death, he jumped off the mountain, taking his own life.

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