Today is Stack Smash’s Birthday. It is one-year-old! A toddler! It is time for its first party!

For the party, we invited some guests that return to the sites roots: Recolors…and beards.

And now a few announcements to everyone……..

@ESH: more beer, confetti n’ nude girls
@Kitty Corp: Meow mix: MORE PIE!!!!!! >:D
@DasDonkey: A PINATA!!
@AnyOtherTeam: even more of the adove!!, πŸ˜›
@Syntax Error’s fanboys: FUCK ALL OF U! WE GOT B-DAY N’ THEY DON’T
@Machinimators: SPAM YOUTUBE WITH OUR B-DAY!!! D=
@Androu1: U R A BAD DAD TO DARK-A-CHU, >:U!
@Everyone: IRC PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@Androu1 (again): MOAR COMIC!!!!
@Everyone (again): Post in Dark-a-chu update, IS HIS B-DAY TOO!!
@Me: i drunk a lot and i fell dizzy……@_@…..

PD: If you don’t make all those things, We gonna send this lovely message to you sir……

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