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Oh lol, missed me????? :P

Wow, about time I updated a texture! But this isn’t exactly a “texture”, so this doesn’t exactly count…or does it? Well, anyways, I made this update to announce that I am fully back, and when I mean “fully” I mean my computer, my Photoshop and my body function properly, YAY!!!

That’s right, I am back to texture action, allowing me to keep making my textures and my falcon series, but let’s leave that to another day, k? Right now I don’t have anything prepared to show to you guys, but I’m preparing them for a cople of days, so be prepared, :P.

But that means another update of me without textures??? WRONG!! Because yesterday, while I was visiting Kitty Corp forums, I found a great tool called “GWitizer” made by picano (that you can find here) to change all of Mr. Game & Watch’s costumes’ colors individually, including the outline and the attacks, A DREAM THAT COME TRUE!!!! So I told myself “Ok, let’s try out this toy”, and I made my favorite customs for G&W, changing all the recolors (except the default one), and finally making CSP and Battle portraits for all of them, DOESN’T THAT SOUND AWESOME???!!!! 😀

I know that everyone can make their personal recolors using picano’s tool, but I want to share mine’s with you guys. Hope that you like them as much as I do 😛

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The end is nigh

Another Rorschach. This time, for Toon Link. Why Toon Link? Because his varying facial expressions allow for a large number of different inkblot arrangements.
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Holy Hyrule! (GCN) +I.L.

If you’re a Zelda fan, then get a new pair of pants ready.

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In an alternate reality…

…Wario is STILL not in Smash Bros.! So what would we do?
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You’ve met the Blue Bomber, now meet him again!

Another edit of Dhragen’s Mega Man.

In the future, before the time Mavericks came to be, Mega Man was weak and near expiration and since Dr. Light died of old age, he had nobody he could trust to restore him. But out of nowhere, an old man appeared. A familiar old man. He offered to repair Mega Man. Mega Man remembered he had the knowledge, like Dr. Light, and he knew he met the man before, so based on these facts, he trusted the man. He knew it couldn’t be Dr. Wily, who died of old age like Dr. Light. Little did he know it WAS Dr. Wily, but not from the present time. Dr. Wily travelled to the future to rebuild and reprogram Mega Man.

His mind no longer being the master of his own body, the new, dominant program dubbed himself Quint.

Dr. Wily sent him to the past to destroy Mega Man from his time period. The risk of causing a time paradox that could end the very fabric of logic and therefore the universe was the last thing on Wily’s mind.

Will Mega Man be able to defeat his future self?

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The Hero of Ordon… as a Child? (GCN)

From traveling years through time, to conquering floating possessed masks, this kid’s seen it all. But now he has a new challenge: learning how to wrangle cattle.

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Advertising YAY

So I’ve (PZT) got this MUGEN site. It’s called MUGEN Royale. And it’s dying really quick. Really, really quick. Like it’s got an inoperable brain tumor. But you can make it not die. Give it chemo and stuff. You can do that by signing up and posting. Every user counts. If you like MUGEN, it’s a great site for all your needs. You can find tons and tons of characters. Tons and tons. And we’re even accepting staff applications. C’mon, join us at MUGEN Royale. A little goes a long way.
And do I really have to mention to join? This is a last ditch sort of thing, you see.
EDIT: How am I so stupid as to forget the link? It’s riiiight here:

Two robots, a doctor and an engineer

Steampunk Mario has created an automaton for military purposes. He has implemented a pair of updated hand-flamethrowers on him. His name is “Nitrogen-based Elite Scorcher, Mario-series” or “NES Mario” for short.

Debuting in F-Zero X, here’s EAD’s mechanical (and originally named) pilot, Mr. Ead!

With his 11 PhDs and his deadly contraptions, the Engineer is gonna make you suffar!

And last but not least, I’ve remade Dr Mario using S’s Brawl-style Melee Dr Mario textures on Brawl.

Enjoy the update!

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Pfft… Alloys…

Polygons and Wireframes are WAY cooler than that!

Behold Master Hand’s true creations!

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