New stuff and new old stuff

New: SMAAAASH!! Snake and Torchic.
Revamped: SMAAAASH!! Captain Falcon, Ness, Mario, and Ivysaur (Main reason, to make them less pale), 1-1 and 1-2.

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  • First!!

    I always wanted a SMAAAASH Snake! Awesome job BP!! πŸ˜€

  • 2nd! Luv this series of textures as always!

  • purplecatgowoof

    Awesome. Also Torchic seems like a random one to do :p

  • Just… wow. Every time you release one of these, they seem more awesome. I main as Snake, so this is a great texture xD.

    Oh, and to purplecatgowoof:

    Read more SMAAAASH!! πŸ˜›

  • purplecatgowoof

    I know it’s in the comic, but it’s just sorta random you know?
    One pokeball and all the others are characters.

  • @Purplecatgowoof
    Well, in the Zelda/Sheik one (in a comment), he said he was aiming for all characters ‘cept G&W first, then would probably work on stages, most Pokemon & ATs,& he’s doing CSPs as he goes. He’s already doen some stages. Just be patient with him. Soon we’ll be playing Super SMAAAASH!!! Bros. Brawl.

    Also, BP, You know what’d be cool? A strap loader for the SMAAAASH!!! Project you’re doing here.

  • These SMAAAASH!! ones are almost as good as them Captain Falcon ones.

  • Finally! The annoying auto-play Godhand credits are off the main page. FINALLY!

  • godhand its gone everyone!

    smaaaash meh do brawl in the family ive seen PZT on the forums over there

  • UpdateTheRosterPage


  • Noob had a good idea.

    Can’t wait for more of these. πŸ™‚

  • @DRGANXON: Dhragen was behind initial conception, but then people started bashing him for making C. Falcon because ‘they’ started to make their versions, when clearly he started the trend (as Andr1 and Jugg started zombies), forcing him to cease and desist.
    The Brawl texhax community consists of ignorant pricks at times. It’s sad.

    Sweet hacks thar, BP.

  • LegendOfNikkonolasco




  • Ryuken: The point isn’t that I’m stealing my own art style my webcomic. It’s that I’m using it–my art style, I mean. The title just stuck.

    By the way, I’m not offended, but I… hope you’re not that blunt in everyday conversation. “Yo, Brian, what’s up? Yeah, I’m gonna get some new shoes, mine look awful… By the way, you’re not that cool. Thomas here is a whole lot cooler.”

  • MastarCh33f(FTW)

    SMAAAAASH! Snake looks like a BLU spy in a way..
    I have a request for Pit. Its not a character from another game…just a simple reclolration. Hue Saturating, if you will.
    Get back to me on that.
    PLEEZ. KThx.

  • So awesome.

  • SMAAAASH!! Snake is awesome.

  • “Excuse me Ma’am, I’m looking for some steak. Could you…?”
    Love the textures. Do Luigi next.

  • When I saw the first Snake comic, I knew it was in preparation for a Snake texture. Yay SMAAASH! I still wish there were more costume slots for the characters…

  • There may be. Plan Zeroooo…


  • Plan Zero is a retarded name and probably is something stupid that everyone is overhyping.

  • What the hell is Plan Zero?

  • Still no download? ;_;

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