Another Mystery Man Steps Out From The Shadows!

It seems Count Bleck’s assistant Nastasia has brainwashed another victim. And this time she got Mario!

You’ve seen Mr.L and now we bring you Mr.M! How could this have happened?! That Nastasia is a tricky one!

I’m sure you all just want your pictures, so enjoy our rendition of Mario in Mr.L brainwashy form!

48 Responses to “Another Mystery Man Steps Out From The Shadows!”

  • Super Paper Mario may suck, but this is a good hack regardless.

  • Cool.

  • Uh… I disagree with you PZT…
    But anyway, awesome texture!! BUT… I would think that Mr. M would have an odd M though… I know that if you flip it, it wouldn’t change… but you guys have a VERY creative mind… so… mix it up… I think that would be good…

  • This makes me want Mr. W (Brainwashed Wario)

  • @ gbrltro201

    Maybe they could rotate it 90 degrees? If they flipped it upside down, it’d look weird, cuz it’d be a “W”. xD

  • Awesome!


  • Yeah, it can be, and should be, rotated 90degrees.


  • THAT is just too cool. Nice work! Mario never looked so good being bad. πŸ˜›

  • the oval that the M is in needs to be black for the reference to be correct.

  • hmmm…. Mr. M vs. Luxig….Epic brawl

  • or it could be rotated 270 degrees and be 3ario?

    that sounds cool, tbh.

  • OH, and Warchamp

    are you going to use this in the ss vs ]ee[ battle?

    mr M vs mr L

  • SWEET! Syntax Error has Mr.L, and you have Mr.M, if only the two could do battle.

  • Again, one of my favorites! You know? I’d say you’re better than ]EE[!

  • It’s good, though obviously stealing ]EE[‘s idea.

  • You have now made me the happiest child ever born. Thank you.


  • Very nice! This makes me look forward to future textures even more… S=P

  • @War: because Mr.L was a totally original costume invented by EE,eh?

  • Its not a ripoff. if one team has mister L then the other team has the right to have their own masked spokesman. Mr.L is just made from a game anyway, and im a big poster in Syntax so im sure they share the same feelings since they said themselves they dont want to be at war with stack, in fact they like that their taking the time to make a hack of their own.

  • OH! sorry was talking and forgot to mention texture. I agree marios m should be made like 3 but other then that I think this texture is very interesting and could be fun to use. Especially in a Mr.L vs Mr.M match &^^

  • I just noticed, the mask around his eyes isn’t fully complete, or is it supposed to be like that? Either way, this is perhaps my favorite texture from you guys.

  • @androu 1

    i just left a comment over at EE asking if the textures over here would ever be released,ive been looking around ur sight and cant find an estimated time or anything,im kinda new to this site,has one even been set??

    btw i love coach Z and ninja link.great textures =]

  • Cool, moreorigional than SE’s Mr L hack

  • Paper Mario duz NOT suck!
    teh first wuz awesome, but if you r refering to just the wii one, thats ok.
    I nvr thought of a Mr. M
    SyntaxError gave us Mr. L, and u guyz give us this. friggen sweet.
    -Teh Schonburger

  • I knew this was gonna happen. I actually thought Syntax Error would do it, but still.

    This is awesome.

  • @ PZT (the first comment)
    then y is there mr m and tubba blubba on the site?
    also, any more paper mario guyz in teh future?
    -Teh Schonburger

  • @Schonburger: I was just referring to Super Paper Mario for the Wii. Paper Mario for the N64 is my favorite game of all time (tied with Wario Land 2 and 3).

  • Almost everyone is the same. Here, whenever a good hack is done, they say how much this place is better than ]EE[, but ]EE[ fans do the same over there.
    Sad really.

  • Mr. W, Kthxbi

    But good work on Mr. M

  • Awwwe,soo epic.
    Mr.cpt .C(brainwashed falcon)
    also u guys are getting really good(dont tell ]Syntax Error[,but some are better than theirs)

  • NEED MR.S (Mr.Sonic) Lawl, jokin.

    Anyway, this is epic win.

  • You should try to add the rest of the mask by the ear. :K Nice idea, and good execution. πŸ™‚

    And Super Paper Mario was awesome. D: *cries*

  • Though the idea isn’t entirely original, major props, IMO. And of course, the color scheme is more accurate and believable. The M? Can be overlooked.

    On another note, I see no one anywhere has done a Galaxy Mario or a Galaxy Luigi (Super Mario Galaxy). While the hack isn’t very challenging, it is something to consider, ta go along wit Stack Smash’s 1980’s textures, and tbe swapped clothes textures ya did with the plumbers.

    Lastly, though this is probably beyond everyone’s hacking abilities, how about a cape Mario/Luigi, a Frog Mario/Luigi, etc. (I think ya know what I’m gettin at). That’d be a first for everyone. Ya may not do requests, but just a few ideas here and there if ya get stuck, or bored.

  • Why didn’t I think of this?

    Maybe a Mr. W in the future… lol

  • Wait.. I don’t think his mask goes al the way around… =S

  • If you do continue the Mr. Or Mrs. stuff Might I suggest
    Madame P
    Other than that this epic win!

  • Awesome hack texture!

  • Pretty good, will there be a Mr. L for him to do battle with.

    Out of everything cool about Super Paper Mario, Mr. L is the only thing

  • I think Mr. L is way better even though Mr. M is cool Mr. L is the origanl

  • Hey Please Give Me A Link Make Me Download Mr.L Textures PLease !!!!

  • Why does everyone hate Super Paper Mario so much? What’s so bad about it?

  • man,that is awesome!!

  • I love Mario and I love mR L.

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