DOUBLE UPDATE: Almighty aliens and localization mishaps!

So, tonight, we have two hacks, unrelated by anything you know. We know what relates them however. The first one, Vegeta, is a Saiyan from the planet Vegeta, son of King Vegeta, archnemesis then best friend of that crazy guy in the orange clothes. No, I’m not talking about Naruto, I’m talking about Goku. Now, something might seem a bit unusual. No, I don’t mean his Oozaru tail, I mean those crazy ears. Well, they’re the result of a botched plastic surgery operation. Poor Vegeta. First his dad and home planet getting obliterated now he has stupid furry ears. But that doesn’t diminish the greatness of this hack. Dhragen strikes again! For the second one, we have a tortured rendition of Kirby, spawned from an alternate universe created by soul-less Nintendo of America marketing execs that think everybody in America lives on the edge. A former POW in ‘Nam, Amerikirby has faced a troubled life, orphaned by a terrible car crash, the only thing that keeps him going is his love of weaponry. Unfortunately, he’s tortured by a masked serial-killer and a demonic dictator. Androu1 delivers a touching look at what America is all about. Now, I’m sorry for my wall of text, let me just cut to the pictures. Not only do we have a great hack from Dhragen, but we have a bonus from Androu! Lucky you! Loopyeyes: Congrats, you were the first person to predict a hack the day before it was uploaded! Cool! Now use those crazy unholy psychic abilities for good. You have godly timing.

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  • Whoa, Vegeta looks cool, although his face scares me a bit, I would’ve left his face alone, or just change the color of his fur a bit, otherwise, amazing hack as usual Dhragen

    As for Mad Kirby …. well, I’m afraid its probably my least favorite hack you guys have done so far, I just think its lacking something with major :O factor

  • If I had that plastic surgery, I wouldn’t be angry about the ears, I’d be angry about the pointy nose.

    I like the idea behind Amerikirby, but since there isn’t much you can do with Kirby, it didn’t reach maximum epicness.

  • As strange as Fox-Vegeta is, it’s… actually quite fitting. Guess because of the scouter and such? *insertITSOVERNINETHOUSAAAAAAAANDmemehere*
    Unfortunately, I’m not into the whole anime-into-Brawl thing, but I can’t deny that that’s quite a remarkable texture hack.

    As for Amerikirby, when I read the description, I half-expected a simple touch on his eyes, making him look pissed. This one’s quite something. o_O

  • Vegeta is tight. it fits.
    however, AmeriKirby is not much…. all it is is a touch up to the face…

  • i think the amerikirby is better than the vegeta, to be honest

    i used to be a huge dbz fan, and then i quit.

    the krby looks awesomesweet! i wanna use it in mai brawls, just with the white kirby, to make my infamous emo kirby snapshot better!

  • I only wants to say something……


    anyway, American Kirby looks epic, high five, πŸ˜›

  • Before worshiping your Vegeta, I’d like to see Syntax Error’s try (because I think that’s the hack going out today)and then I’ll choose πŸ™‚

  • Cool on both.

  • lolz on the vegeta, i gotta admit i didn’t think you’d pull it off1 πŸ˜‰

  • What does the scouter say about how awesome these are?

  • Hum…I like Vegeta’s suit but his face…lawl.

    Maybe it could be a fox with dark fur and Vegeta’s suit instead of that face ?

    I think it would be better.

    And that Kirby is cool.

  • Pwah! Amerikirby wins hard. I’ll count this as a fufilled request. πŸ˜€

    Also, Vegeta looks pretty dang cool.

  • @gbrltro: dissapointing when compared to our other Kirbies,right?
    Note worthy: Amerikirby can’t blink! ALWAYS WATCHING…BAM!!!! U IS DEAD!

    Anyway,gotta love how Vegeta turned out.His face may be weird (looks good in game,tho) but his clothes is awesome.

  • wow vegeta look…crazy. and amerikirby look badass

  • I know this isn’t suggestion page, but it is on topic. Sonic would make for a good Raditz, and he can finally go super saiyan.

  • Wow… what a “coincidence” that you guys would make a Vegeta just when ]SE[ makes Vegeta… Funny how the world works.

  • so amerikirby can’t blink?
    damn. i was hoping i could use it for what i mentioned earlier when you find out how to release ;p

    oh well.

  • If you were going to make Vegeta out of Fox, you could’ve gone with Psyguy’s rendition of Vegeta as a fox.

    I’ll link anyone who wants to know what I’m talking about. Just leave messages here and I’ll respond. Otherwise, I’ll shut up from now on :X

  • Kitsune…LOL ERECTION!!!!

    Link us.

    This Vegeta was done by Dhragen,based on his own (and kinda old) Vegeta render edit.

  • Wow. You and SE released a texture on the same day. And they used an entirely different character! Sadly, I think theirs looks better.

    Amerikirby is pwnsome though. Wish you guys had just made a simple face edit instead of the scarred up Kirby, but it’s still funny!

  • Well, it wasn’t much of a coincidence. We were making a Vegeta in the early stages when we saw EE’s hint, so we rushed to get it out on the same day, this update was posted at 5:00 AM. As for what that has to do with Amerikirby, it was sort of another “Galacta Knight” case, except it was our good friends at Kitty Corp rather then EE.

  • Oh, also, I found it ironic how you criticized SE for their “5-minute Kirby hat textures” when this Kirby texture looks like it took about the same time.

  • I said that somebody would eventually do this, after the Ike post came out, but that fact that both ]EE[ and Stack Smash came out with it makes it all the more interesting. Very good job done by both sites, this is obviously an immediate fan favorite by both site devotees. Keep up the good work, and perhaps a Monkey Vegeta is in order.

  • wow, another double-update(if you know what I mean)

  • @PZT

    lol XD I had no idea you did meant that lol

  • It’s ok Teady. It’s awesome how you’re basically a one-man (or woman) army on your hacks. πŸ˜›

  • Well this was…unexpected, but it’s totally awesome at the same time! I am completely honored, haha. Keep up the good work, I can’t wait to see some more awesome textures!

  • @PZT
    yea lol XD but I still have problems with palette characters….XD…but yes I do 90% of the work..and yep I’m a woman its hard to believe..but yea…

  • I’ve seen some of or textures, TeadyMKII. Honestly, they were very impressive (your Peach is arguably my favorite Peach design, even amongst other noted texture sites). Perhaps a little recruiting is in order, though, so you won’t have to deal with the entire load on your shoulders. Even if it is for fun, it’s a bit better when you have someone that you can bounce ideas off of, or even someone who can help imrove your texture skills, i.e. palette characters, y’know?

  • all of kirby’s cutness…. gone…


  • make tail tip brown or make it transparent and make his belt brow it would represent his monkey tail better if you made his tail transparent and did the belt thing but i dont know if the tail can be made transparent or not

  • Vegeta looks epic.

  • Good hack…

    I would like to see how the masked serial killer and demonic dictator look if they don’t look exactly the same as they do in the regular Kirbyverse.

  • For masked serial killer, see Meta Jason.

    For Demonic Dictator, see Communist Dedede. πŸ˜€

  • over 9000 lol

  • AHA! Thank you S. for pointing out to me that this is a Fox texture with the new SD texture loader thing i thought it was for wolf and it kept freezing on almost everything but most importantly it froze when you attempted to do a dodge-roll which i use a lot It looks pretty cool on wolf though maybe you guys should make a Vegeta wolf i think it would fit the image of him greatly since fox isnt evil

  • I get the joke with amerikirby now.

  • Am I the only one finding it ironic that Meta Jason and Communist Dedede were both mentioned in this post, but weren’t shown yet?

    Good thing you guys don’t let out spoilers like that nowadays… πŸ˜›

    Amerikirby is still one of my favorites here. πŸ™‚

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