Yet another member

MeleeMaster500 here from ESH.

I’m a new member to Stack Smash

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As an introduction, here’s some stuff that I’ve already done.

I have a new texture that I would have posted here had it worked soon enough. It does not, so it will be posted later.

Here are the downloads for said stuff^

Henry Hatsworth :

(UPDATE: removed shield and vertex’d sword)

Mysterious Black Dude (MBD):

(Kirby link broken)


TF2 Red Spy:

TF2 Blu Spy:

(UPDATE: removed holster, ammo packs, and headband)

Sapper C4:


M. Bison:

(UPDATE: replaced visor triangles with actual eyes [painted left eye])

Gentleman Knight:

Mike Tyson:

Green-Screen Stage Pieces:

Mudkip Sticker:

(NOTE: additional steps must be taken to make the sticker work)

Have fun with these and look forward for more from me!

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