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s-(cough)-nake… (wheeze) snaaaakee…?

Aging can really total a guy, huh?

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I’m leaving the team due to personal problems.

It may seem like nothing’s wrong, but there’s more than meets the eye
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Guys, I’m not feeling too well…

I think I have a virus.

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Departure is often harder on the fan than it is on the hacker

Yeah I might leave this hellhole some day

You guys keep pointlessly fighting over everything

Anyways here’s CAD’s Ethan, as expressive as usual

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You like gunblades?..AND EXTRA!!

Squall Leonhart

Haha….i completly forgot about this, too much work recently. So this is a vertex hack made by LookItsLink from KCMM, using my original Squall texture as a base. I asked Jack if i can update this in StackSmash at the same time as KittyCorp, and he agreed……….well, except they updated it early, and i’m an slowpoke, o_o….Anyway, i don’t think it’s a problem to update it now, right? :S

Anyway, enjoy the great vertex hack of LookItsLink…..Guns n’ Swords are awesome, :3

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attention: people that care

I know just a plain texture update without a download (or actually being applied on a model)  is pretty boring, and it covers up PAVGN’s hard BRSTM work by putting a filler update above it – but I just wanted to tell you guys I’ve finished my part of Quote’s textures.

So now I’m going to start on the model.

Just lettin’ you guys know that.

I also put together an assembled version, which should give you a small idea of how he will come together

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PAVGN Finally Makes BRSTMs

Recently I’ve started to make BRSTMs since Brawlbox allows me to do so easily. So I’m going to start making BRSTMs of songs from old and/or obscure video games, And I’ll be taking requests as well. Here are some songs I’ve done so far:

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Fresh Prince of Dalaam

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Everyday I’m-a hustlin’

Cloud Ike? Bah, useless
Master Chief Captain Falcon? Hm, could be cool
Mario wearing a fedora? Best thing since baconnaise

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that guy with the goggles.. (First attempt at Custom Animations)

hmm.. what character wears goggles… either way it’s probably someone notable.
lolno. Matt From Death Note everybawdy.