New member and that orgasmic TV show.

Bet you weren’t expecting THIS to happen! That’s right, another random guy joins Stack Smash!He is very sarcastic at times so don’t take him seriously (like you don’t take Androu1 seriously). Only do so if he says directly that he’s serious (that or it’s obvious, i.e. helping someone). Kay? kay.

Anyway, did you ever hear about a show called Ed Edd n’ Eddy? If not, then HSX says you have no life. If you do, then get ready to get flashbacks. That’s right, those three goofballs join the smash! Betchya you didn’t see that comming either, huh?

So, Ed got his turtle hat back, Eddy has been imitating Elvis lately, and Double D (or Edd) got his costume set from Halloween together and put together a semi-knight getup (Also because of puberty he doesn’t give a crud about how his hair looks anymore, yes it’s blond. Also, credit for the shield goes to this link.)

Anyway, skip to the jump ‘cus I know you wanna.

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  • Eddy’s hair makes him look like Rolf XD


    Okay, it’s official: You’re my effing hero.

  • That show was awesome. When is CN going to show the TV movie that will conclude the series? Are they waiting for the 10-year anniversary like with the Powerpuff Girls? I hope this show appears on Boomerang soon.

  • There was already a last episode and lost episode of Ed Edd n’ Eddy, Yoshi. πŸ˜›

  • i like buttered toast and gravy!!!



  • btw HSX that was an I think either way I didnt like the last episode it was like Giygas on Crack πŸ˜›

  • His jacket IS green >:U

  • this is good, but if you paid closer attention to the show, you’d see black tufts of hair sticking out of Double D’s hat.

  • I watch the show any time I can. An interview said his hair was blond, so yeah. πŸ˜›

    I guess the animation crew was lazy. :3

  • GoldenYuiitusin

    Oh SNAPS!!!
    Ed, Edd ‘n Eddy?!?
    I love that show, too bad it ended….
    I’ve always wondered what Double D’s hair looked like….

  • You Could Have Done Better. I Was Thinking Mario Could Be Both Eddy & Edd. I Was Also Thinking Luigi Could Be Ed.

  • Spore Boy: One can always do better. πŸ˜›

  • This Needs Fixing. Ed’s Jacket Should Be Green, Not Yellow. Eddy’s Hair Needs To Be More On The Blue Side Instead Of Majestic Purple. Edd’s Eyes Need To Be Black. Ed Should Have Orange Hair(According To Danny Antonucci). Edd’s Hair Needs To Be Black(Also According To Danny Antonucci). Eddy’s Eyes Shouldn’t Have White Outlines. Please Revamp Ed, Edd n’ Eddy On Mario & Luigi With The Listed Corrections Above. Again, Mario Should Be Eddy & Edd. Luigi Should Be Ed.

  • @Spore Boy
    I do believe you crossed the line between revamp & total overhaul.
    @ HSX
    For a first shot at it, this is great. I still love that show. But what of the revamp?

  • Nice one!

  • Next make…….
    Sara and Jimmy textures!
    and then…..
    Kevin and Nazz textures!
    Rolf and Johnny Two By Four Textures!
    Kanker Sister Textures!
    GRIM, BILLY, MANDY, AND IRWIN TEXTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Speaking of Cartoon Network, can you make Mr. Men Textures?
    I absolutely LOVE the Mr. Men Show, and I want you to make:
    Mr. Bounce
    Mr. Bump
    Miss Chatterbox
    Mr. Grumpy
    Mr. Happy
    Miss Helpful
    Miss Naughty
    Mr. Nervous
    Mr. Noisy
    Mr. Quiet
    Mr. Rude
    Mr. Scatterbrain
    Mr. Stubborn
    Miss Sunshine
    Mr. Tickle
    Miss Whoops–all for Kirby

    Stage Texture: Dillydale out of Onnet

    For reference see

  • Also Speaking Of Cartoon Network, Make Tom The Cat On Sonic & Jerry The Mouse On Pikachu!

  • DmDsIH Excellent site. It was pleasant to me.

  • ever heard of eadead and eadiie? it’s the giygas version of ed edd n’ eddy.

  • you know how kevin is usually on a bike? well try to make wario liik like a 40 year old midget version of kevin

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