Time for a chase!

Tonight, we have a character who is separated from his heart. While this may seem like a bad thing, it actually isn’t, as it gives him power. This guy was a normal, average, gentle giant, he was a wimp, until Bowser (ironic seeing as this is our base) mucked with him, made him separate from his heart, and basically destroy Mario. What resulted was one of the most memorable villains of the best game of all time (IMO), Paper Mario. Let’s give a hand to Tubba Blubba! *pics*

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  • Excellent! ^_^
    Wholeheartedly agree, Paper Mario is my favorite game of all time, and Tubba Blubba’s a big part of that. Very well done. He looks a bit ferocious (not to mention that extra dimension) for Tubba Blubba, but Bowser pulls it off nicely. Well done. 😉

  • It really kinda looks like Tubba. Good idea and good job.

  • This really is fantastic! Although it’s one of those ones that’s clearly just a recolour of a character, it DOES look like an updated Tubba Blubba design!

    Well done guys.

  • Actually it’s a shame you can’t get rid of his spiked bracelets and a few of his teeth.

  • Awesome. Personally, I’ve never played Super Paper Mario, so it’s kind of hard to relate to this… but even before I had finished reading the description, I had a general idea of where this one was going. Nice work!

  • …Scratch that, I meant PAPER Mario (though I haven’t played either… just Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door 😛 ).

  • liking the ghost gobbler…

  • Thank you everyone! ^_^
    This texture was simple to do, but it’s fantastic, like Viewtiful Joe =)

  • Hurrah! Tubba Blubba Rocks!

  • YES.
    Paper Mario is teh epic.

  • Very nice!
    Can someone do a shadow Peach from Paper Mario 2 next please?

  • “Actually it’s a shame you can’t get rid of his spiked bracelets and a few of his teeth.” ~ Psytrese

    Now that you say that, Syntax Error HAS demonstrated the ability to render parts of a model transparent. That being said, my limited understanding of the subject tells me that trying that could give us a Rayman-esque Bowser. It depends on whether or not there’s a separate texture for his arm underneath the bracelets.

  • tubba blubba = best paper mario boss.
    this texture = enough win to destroy pluto.

  • This texture looks great! I loved this boss fight, I loved the game (Paper Mario), I loved Tubba Blubba’s boss music, and I love your version of Bowser!

    Especially because I hate the standard blue, green, and yellow Bowser.

    I can’t wait to use this 🙂

  • i still can’t find where that guy went

  • Looks good, it would be awesome to have choices for a blue bowser color. Original Blue color is really ugly.

  • aww u messed up. the eyebrows should have matched his skin (blue)

  • No Bowser textures have been working for me lately… I’ve been doing everything right, and all the other textures I’ve been adding work just fine… If Bowser needs a .pac file as well as a .pcs, then I’m screwed, cuz no download I’ve tried has one. D:

  • i love this, but it would have been better if u made his collar and bands on his arm the same color as his skin it would look like him alot more from a distance

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