GUESS WHO????!!!+update

Okay, okay… first to all my retirement wasn’t a joke, and i apologize for all the things i said (i apologized with my team befor this post btw). Now back on topic, i did’t return empty-handed, but with another…REVAMP!!!!!!!!!

(Seriously, another revamp AGAIN????)

Well, yeah, .___.. But this one it’s different, this one have….

*Turns flash flares on*

VERTEX HACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is our boy Boshi, now vertex’d and with REAL FANGS,Β  COLLAR,Β  CLAWS, SPIKES, AND MORE!!!!

…..but I will not release it yet, until i finish making the sunglasses, sorry about that, :3

and that’s all for now. Keep checking StackSmash, there will be more Vertex hacks coming from me!!! πŸ˜›

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  • This is awesome. you should revamp vegeta and sigma next.

  • Y nadie dice nada?
    bueno sere el primero bienbenido de nuevo dude ^^

  • Graciasx2 Akari, y digo por 2 porque gracias a ti logre realizar este vertex hack con exito, πŸ˜›

  • Oh hey, another instant download from you?

    Really awesome.

    edit: but there’s no download

    you’re killing me

  • Well this is a pleasant surprise! Nice vertex hack, I can’t wait to download this when It’s released. By the way, I think you should re-texture the toes to match the vertex hack better.

  • Looks great! I can’t wait for the release version.

  • I’d post a little symbol of a heart here if I didn’t feel that it was overplayed.

  • I knew you’d be back, Dhragen. You’re too good at this to leave it forever.

  • You know… There’s something I wonder… Can you make Fox look humanish?

    Anyway, it’s good to see you again. πŸ™‚

  • Awesome, it’s great that you’re back AND that you’ve picked up vertex hacking.

  • Your departures are about as permanent as character deaths in comics.

  • @Turtle: if that’s a joke, just shut up and go away.

    You don’t even understand the complex of my feelings

  • Turtle wins in my book for the cheesy one-liner.

  • Not really surprising that you returned (given the “seemingly permanent departures of almost EVERY texture leader, then returning” scenario happening nowadays) nice work on the vertex hack. =)

  • Yeah man, like, quitters dunno how to quit anymore these days, for serious.

  • You’re right Androu1, I think I’ll quit quitting.

    Eh, screw it, I’ll just quit quitting quitting.

  • so does this mean that you will have time to make hacks now

  • Wow, this is awesome. Actually been waiting to see someone do this for a while. I’m anxious to see the finished product.

    Though I have a few criticisms here, the main being his saddle. It shouldn’t be any different from Yoshi’s. You may disagree with me on this, but here’s my logic in advance: Boshi and Yoshi have the same saddle in Mario RPG, and Yoshi’s saddle had always looked like that back then. If Boshi were going to appear an a game now, his saddle would look like Yoshi’s, hence you shouldn’t have changed it. His neck brace also needs to be vertexed (if possible) so that the spikes stick out.
    The other thing is the spikes on the tail. You should fix the textures to get rid of those, Boshi doesn’t have spikes on his tail.

    Thanks for taking the time to read through that, haha. And I hope you’re not put off by my crits. What you’ve got so far is great, really.

  • @Ridge Troopa: Extra details doesn’t hurt anybody, that’s why i added the spikes on his tail, and it looks better that way, and i make the saddle different to make Boshi more different than yoshi and do not look like a “bahh, it’s just a one vertex moving model” from some weeabos from the internet. You know, from old to new games, in history characters change their appareance, so that’s why i make yoshi’s more thin than Yoshi, slighty more muscles in his arms, smaller chicks, and so on..

    And look deep at the collar, it’s vertexed, and i don’t added the spikes for one reason: the collar use four rows of horizontal vertices, and with adding spikes, i should take three more from his belly AND arms (when i make the collar, the vertex started to touch his arms), and that would ended with the body and arms looking inconsintent and too much poligonal in game (also remmember that the arms has motions, so messing with them it’s not a bad idea.

    Hope you can understand what i mean, thanks

  • Yes, I understand. You’re just trying to make it more original, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

    Though I think if you’re going to do this, you should release two versions: this customized version AND an accurate version true to the actual Boshi (by changing the things I suggested). It’s your choice what you decide to do, this is just a suggestion from someone who appreciates accuracy.

    Also, by the collar, I’m not sure about all the technical stuff really. If it won’t work out, so be it. It would look much better and more accurate if there was some way you could get the spikes on his collar to poke out. They’re one of Boshi’s prominent features.

  • Oh Dhragen, you came back, just for me? =D <3

  • are you almost done with boshi?

  • wait until August when i finish my exams :U (Yeah, i am still in college sadly, :U)

  • so how is this progressing?

  • Dhargen, just checking to see how this is going… Sorry if I’m being a pest πŸ™ Hope everything is going alright for you XD

  • Sorry to bring up old posts but you REALLY should release this!!!

  • :'( What ever happened to this?

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