Monthly Archive for October, 2011

True Spear Pillar v2


Spear pillar based off the
Pokémon Diamond and Pearl in-game version. I hated the brawl version since it
doesn’t look like the spear pillar in Diamond or Pearl at all, not to mention
it isn’t a neutral stage. So I decided to make a neutral version based off the
in-game version No frame rate increase at all. All the stages can go over
jungle japes with no rel.

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Sega Soccer Slam BRSTMs

If you remember my last music update, you might remember me saying “There were a lot of songs that I wanted to update with but couldn’t make in time for this update, so my next music update will have lots of songs too.” Well, this update doesn’t have any of those songs that I wanted to update with, but this update still has a lot of songs. Kind of. Continue reading ‘Sega Soccer Slam BRSTMs’

SSF2 Temple

This is another 2D stage: a port of the Temple from SSF2.
Why port it to Brawl, when Brawl already has the Melee version? Answer: it’s easy, I guess. I don’t really have a good reason. But I did it anyway.
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Arthur texture. Toon Link. Ghouls. Ghosts. Goblins.
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i am the wind waker. it’s me.

It’s not enough just to give Link the SORD….. I also gave him a SHEILD, SHEATH, and TUNNIC.
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