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Stack Smash is too inactive for me…

and i am leaving it forever…………>_>


1. No activity for revive this shit, i am trying, but i can’t access to the page it self and i don’t know nothing about scripting or anything…….
2. the very “mean” aptitute of some of the members of this site, specially from Androu1 and BP, who in a few words “I AM DOING SOMETHING AND AFTER 5 MONTHS I STILL DON’T DO ANYTHING LOLOLOLOLOL”.
3. my “imposibility to work in textures due to my college shedule………

4. i spent like 3 or 4 months in trying to do that with no evident results.

So I think i gonna keep working as a Dev in sprites for Super Smash Flash 2 at Mcleodgaming, and maybe start doing textures in my topic at the KittyKorp: MeowMix forums and upload them in brawl vault, and maybe join another texture team, but IDK actually………………i feel so dissapointed right now.

And for all the guys who will get mad at me, fell free to delete my textures and everything i done, i gonna reupload them in BrawlVault anyway, and insult me all you want, because i am not mad at anyone, just dissapointed.

so yeah, this is the end of an era, so, bye everybody

*goes to un-admin himself*


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