Vampire Yoshi

This needs some work so I’ll improve It soon. I didn’t want to release It now, But I can’t hold off the release anymore.

The wings suck I know, No need to bring It up to me. I plan to fix them along with the gloves, Sleeves and eyes. The eyes are edited from Dhragen’s Boshi hack.


5 Responses to “Vampire Yoshi”

  • Vampire yoshi, what the hell have you’ve been smoking pavgn? Also, look he sparkles when he gets a smash ball he sparkles, looks like twilight was right!

  • yo, PAVGN

    I’m still interested in collabing on this, though I haven’t had time to as of recently.

  • @Pik

    It’s ok. Unlike the people at “That other place”, I realize that Brawl hacking is a hobby and not a job. So basically, Take your time. Whenever you’re ready to work on It is fine with me.

  • LOL

  • That’s actually pretty cool!

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